Travatan - 2.5 ml (0.004%)

Travatan - 2.5 ml (0.004%)

Travatan 2.5 ML is used to treat extreme pressure in the eye. Extreme eye pressure can cause glaucoma.  The main ingredient in this eye drop is Travoprost.

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Brand NameTravatan
Generic NameTravoprost
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  • Travatan 2.5 ML(0.004 %)

    Travatan 2.5 ML is used to treat extreme pressure in the eye. Extreme eye pressure can cause glaucoma.  The main ingredient in this eye drop is Travoprost.

    Travoprost is part of a group of medicines known as prostaglandin analogs. The medicine is useful for adolescents and adults.


    It is an eye drop that should be purchased with a prescription. It helps lower the high pressure that occurs in the eye. The medicine is used with other eye drops or alone to reduce the increased eye pressure to treat glaucoma.


    How does Travatan 2.5 ML work?

    There is transparent liquid present in our eyes. It is very important for our eyes. The fluid keeps reducing in the eye and new fluid is produced. In case a blockage exists to drain the fluid outside your body, there is increased pressure that occurs inside your eye. In case the pressure is pretty high, it can harm your vision.

    The medicine helps increase the draining of liquid which reduces the pressure developed inside the eye.


    Tips to consider before taking Travatan 2.5 ML

    Do not use the drug if

    • You are allergic to Travoprost which is the main ingredient in eye drops. Also, do not apply the eye drops if you are allergic to other ingredients present in the drug
    • Speak to the eye specialist if you are suffering from an eye infection or have undergone eye surgery
    • Do not use the eye drop without the advice of the doctor if you are breastfeeding



    One drop of the eye drop is the recommended dose to be put in the affected eye. Apply it once a day.

    Do not use the drop in both eyes unless doctors tell you to do so. Wash your hands using water before putting the drops and even after putting the eye drops.

    In case you are using any other eye drop, check with the doctor if you can use that drop with Travatan eye drop. If the doctor suggests you use both drops, leave a gap of a minimum of 5 minutes after putting the Travoprost eye drop.


    Use the eye drop as the doctor prescribes you. Do not give it to others even if they are suffering from the same signs. It can result in infection.


    Duration/course of  Travatan 2.5 ML eye drop

    Do not stop the application of eye drops unless your eye specialist tells you to. You should put the drops regularly as long as your doctor recommends applying.



     If you put several drops accidentally, simply return to your original dosing schedule (once a day) for the following day. In case of any concerns discuss them with your physician.


    Missed dose

    In case you skip a dose of eye drops, ignore that missed dose and continue with your regular dose as scheduled. Do not double the dose of eye drops to cover up your missed dose.


    Side effects of Travatan 2.5 ML

    The most common side effect of eye drops is redness in the eyes. Some other common effects are

    • A change in eye color
    • Blurred vision
    • Dry eyes
    • Itchy eyes
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Eye pain
    • Burning/stinging eyes
    • Headache
    • Eye/eyelid inflammation


    Additional side effects that you may face are

    • Eyelash growth
    • Eye swelling/discharge
    • Eye discoloration
    • Eye Irritation
    • Eyelash growth
    • Cataract
    • Tired eyes
    • Increased tearing

    If you notice any severe side-effects that are bothering you, consult your eye specialist without any further delays to seek medical help.


    Drug Interactions – Common

    You will find the interactions of this drug with a lot of other drugs and the interaction can intervene in the action/working of Travoprost. Here are some of those medicines

    • Disopyramide
    • Indomethacin
    • Calcium channel blockers
    • Digitalis
    • Catecholamine
    • Amiodarone

    The medicines stated above can reduce the effectiveness of the Travatan eye drops


    Warnings before taking Travatan 2.5 ML

    If you are using contact lenses, simply remove them before you put the eye drops in your eyes. Wait for a minimum of 15 minutes before you wear your contact lenses back.

    In case your skin comes in contact with the drops, wash that area with water properly and pat dry.




    Q-What are Travatan 2.5 ML eye drops used for?

     The eye drops help treat glaucoma & ocular hypertension.


    Q-What are the basic side effects of eye drops?

    The basic side effects of the eye drops are drowsiness, dizziness, eye redness, headache, color change of iris, dry eyes, itching of the eyes, and eye irritation.


    Q-Can I take alcohol with this eye drop?

     There is no record found or established regarding the interaction of alcohol with this medicine.


    Q-Can this eye drop be used during pregnancy?

    It is better to consult your physician if you are pregnant and willing to use eye drops. Although no studies have been found on its effects on humans, make sure you speak to your healthcare provider before using the eye drops to know the risks and benefits of the eye drops.


    Q-Can breastfeeding women apply this eye drop?

    As a nursing woman, you need to be cautious while using the medicine while breastfeeding. Consult your physician before you decide to use the medicine.