Travatan - 2.5 ml (0.004%)

Travatan - 2.5 ml (0.004%)

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Brand NameTravatan
Generic NameTravoprost
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  • Travatan - 2.5 ML(0.004 %) is prostaglandin F2 - alpha analog which is recommended for the treatment of open - angle glaucoma(this condition can finally result into vision loss) and intraocular hypertension (increased fluid pressure inside the eye).

    Composition: The primary constituent of Travatan eye drops is 40 micrograms of Travoprost.And the inactive ingredients include - propylene glycol 7.5 mg, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil 40(HCO - 40) 2 mg, and Polyquaternium-1(POLYQUAD) 10 microgram etc.

    How does it work ?: Travatan - 2.5 ML(0.004 %) works by increasing the natural fluid flow from the eye and that results in lowering the pressure in the eye. It helps in reducing the risk of vision loss.

    How to use this ? This medicine for topical use only and must be used either as per able instructions or as prescribed by your eye specialist.Hold the dropper close to the eye, gently squeeze the dropper and carefully place the liquid inside the affected eye area.The dose is one drop of Travatan in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye(s) once daily.You are required to wait for at least 5 - 10 minutes before delivering the next medication in the same eye to avoid dilution

    Side Effects: Some major and minor side - effects which patients can experience after using Travatan eye drops are eye discharge, Eyelash changes, Conjunctival hyperemia, blurred vision, Increased iris pigmentation headache, Foreign body sensation in eyes redness of the eye, burning or itching of the eye, dry eyes, eye pain etc.

    Precautions and Warning: Travatan eye drops are not prescribed for patients who are below 16 years of age.These eye - drops are normally not prescribed during pregnancy or breastfeeding but one must consult the doctor in case of an emergency.If you are hypersensitive to any active or inactive ingredients present in the Travatan - 2.5 ML(0.004 %), you must discontinue its usage and seek emergency medical help.