Albucid Eye Drop

Albucid Eye Drop

Albucid Eye Drop contains Sulfacetamide as an active composition, this drops used to cure Bacterial Conjunctivitis and Trachoma. It cure the infection by reducing the growth of Bacterial infection. Albucid 20% Eye Drops (packet of 10 ml Eye Drop) uses, composition, side-effects, price, substitutes, drug interactions, precautions, warnings. buy online at best price

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Brand NameBlephamide
Generic NameSulfacetamide
PresentationEye Drops
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  • Albucid Eye Drops

    Albucid Eye Drop is an antibiotic that is prescribed for bacterial infections of the eye and as a prevention of future infections after eye injuries. Bacterias are prevented from growing because it fights off the infection. It treats only bacterial eye infections and not infections caused by other organisms. The underlying infection can then be cured as a result.

    All types of bacterial eye infections can be treated with this eye drop. The generic name for this medication is sulfacetamide. Keratitis or corneal ulcers caused by bacteria can be treated with it. It contains sulfacetamide ophthalmic as its active ingredient. Follow the steps and guidelines about the dosage in the patient instruction leaflet (PIL) after following the doctor's prescription. Children and pets should not be allowed to access this eye drop.

    Follow your physician's directions when using Albucid Eye Drop. According to your doctor's recommendation, it should be used at evenly spaced time intervals. Continue taking the medication even if you feel better and do not skip a dose. It is possible for the infection to return or worsen if the medicine is stopped too early.

    In addition to killing bacteria, it is effective against many other types as well. Nevertheless, it will not help you treat other types of eye infections (e.g., viral) and as such, you should only use it if your doctor prescribes it to you. A decrease in effectiveness can occur if antibiotics are used unnecessarily.

    Temporary eye irritation and stinging in the eyes are among the most commonly observed side effects following administration. Observe these side effects and contact your doctor if they persist or if your condition worsens. You should seek medical attention if your skin gets rashy, itchy, your face or mouth swells, or you have trouble breathing. Wearing contact lenses when taking this medication or when you have an infection of the eye should be avoided.

    Albucid Eye Drops Composition

    Sulfacetamide is an active ophthalmic ingredient of this eye drop.

    Product details

    • Prescription: Required
    • Manufactured: Allergan India Pvt Ltd
    • Composition: Sulphacetamide
    • Storage: Store at a cool place.

    There are three available strengths and packages of this:  Packages: 10 ml , Strengths: 20%, 30%, 10%


    Keep the bottle tip and its neck separated from your fingers. Please do not take this medication in excess of what is prescribed or share it with another person. It is recommended that you inform the doctor of all the medications that you are using, especially eye medication or herbal products, and of any medical conditions that you may have before taking this medicine. Although the symptoms may improve, you should complete the prescribed treatment course.


    Treatment of Bacterial eye infections


    Use in pediatrics

    Children younger than 2 months of age should not take this medicine.

    Renal impairment

    There is a higher risk of renal failure with this medicine, so patients with a history of kidney disease should use it with extreme caution. For longer periods after commencing use of this medicine, kidney function must be closely monitored. There are usually no serious side effects associated with most medications and they will disappear after your body becomes accustomed to the medicine. Seek medical advice if they persist or if you're concerned.


    Women who are pregnant are advised not to use this medicine unless they are absolutely necessary. Before taking this medicine, discuss all potential risks and benefits with your doctor.


    Breastfeeding women are not recommended to use this medicine unless it is absolutely necessary. Be sure to discuss all risks and benefits with your doctor before taking this medicine.

    Common side effects of Albucid

    it may cause the following adverse effects due to their constituent ingredients. The list provided here is not exhaustive. While these side effects might occur, they aren't always present. It is possible that some side effects can be rare but serious.

    • Eye irritation
    • Stinging in the eyes
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Discharge from eyes
    • Burning and stinging
    • Conjunctival hyperemia
    • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
    • Aplastic anemia
    • Bleeding and bruising
    • Hepatic necrosis Directions

    This medicine should only be applied externally. You should follow your doctor's instructions regarding the dosage and duration. Before using, read the instructions on the label. Don't touch the eyedropper as you hold it close to the eye. The medicine should be dropped inside the lower eyelid after gentle squeezing of the dropper. Remove extra liquid by wiping it off.

    The doctor's instructions should be followed when using this, and patients should not double the dosage to make up for that which they have forgotten. If an overdose occurs, a doctor must be notified immediately.

    Effects of Sulfacetamide 

    it can change their effects if you are taking other medicines or over-the-counter products at the same time. As a result, you may develop side effects or your medication might not be effective as expected. Your doctor can help you prevent or manage drug interactions if you tell him or her about all the drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements you are taking. Among those products and drugs that this Eye Drops might interact with are:





    It may not be safe for you to drive or operate heavy machinery if you feel sleepy, dizzy, hypotensive, or have a headache, have low blood pressure after using it. Moreover, pharmacists advise their patients against drinking alcohol when they are taking medicines since alcohol increases the side effect of drowsiness. When using Sulfacetamide , please check your body for these side effects. If you have specific health conditions or concerns about your body, consult your doctor.


    • You should not use more than the recommended dose. You won't get better with more medication; rather, you might get poisoned or suffer serious side effects. Please go to an emergency room of a nearby hospital or nursing home if you are concerned you or someone else may have overdosed on it. Provide your doctor with medicine packaging, labels, and other pieces of information.
    • If you know someone has the same condition or seems to have a similar condition to you, don't give them your medicines. Overdosage is possible in such a case.

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