Patanol Eye-Drop

Patanol Eye-Drop

Patanol eye drop falls into the medicine category known as antihistamines and is prescribed for the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis(inflammation of the eye) which can lead to red /itchy / watery eyes.

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Brand NamePatanol
Generic NameOlopatadine
ManufacturerAlcon Laboratories Inc
PresentationEye Drop
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  • Patanol Eye-Drop helps in treating eye itching and swelling that happens because of allergies. It is used for the prevention of histamine that causes symptoms of watery eyes and itching. This medicine is an antihistamine that reduces natural chemicals in the body. You must tell your doctor about any eye infection or allergies before you start taking this medicine. However, except for allergies it is used for other purposes as well.

    This eye drop is not for allergies or itching that happens due to contact lenses. Contact lenses may also cause irritation and watery eyes. But Patanol Eye-Drop doesn't work for this purpose. Always follow the directions provided by a doctor before using this medicine. It is advisable to read the label before buying this medicine and check before applying it to your eyes. Do not overuse or limit the amount of this medicine. Since it is prescribed as per your current condition.

    This eye drops ease redness and inflammation because of allergies. It is very effective to get relief from itchiness and swelling in the eyes after using Patanol. Be mindful of washing your hands before applying this medicine to your eye. Remove the contact lenses if you are wearing them. After that, wait for 15 minutes if you want to put back the lenses.

    When the bottle of the Eye-Drop breaks from the seal. Then do not use it, since it can be harmful. If your doctor has prescribed it, you shouldn't stop or discontinue it without the doctor's consultation. It could worsen the case. It helps especially to get relief from redness and inflammation. You can get inflammation or redness in the eye due to an infection or allergy.

    How to use the Patanol Eye-Drop?

    Wash your hands before applying for this medicine in your eyes. It can lead to more infections or allergies if you apply with contaminated hands. Once, the dropper is squeezed you can apply drops of liquid gently into the low eyelids. Afterward, wipe off the extra liquid through wipes or tissues. Do not rub your eyes frequently and let the liquid settle in the eyes. It is advisable to keep your eyes closed for 10 mins. Also, if you are wearing lenses, then wear them after 20 mins of applying the medicine. Keep it away from the catch of children. Use it as medicine daily or as prescribed by the doctor for better results. You should always remove the dropper cap each time you use it.

    Uses of Patanol Eye-Drop

    It belongs to the class of antihistamine. This medicine works to treat allergic conjunctivitis. You can use this medicine along with other medications but do tell your doctor beforehand about any other medicine you consume. All the salts and compositions should be known. Do not stop taking this medicine in between. Always complete the course of medicine for better results. The body responds to the medicine and adapts if you take it as suggested by your health expert.

    Side Effects of the Patanol Eye-Drop

    Although you won't face any serious side effects that require immediate medical help. The common side effects are dry eyes, mild eye irritation, blurred eyes, unusual or unpleasant taste in your mouth. But in some cases, you may need to look for a doctor. Some of the side effects include eye burning sensation, irritation after using the medicine, severe discomfort, eye swelling, redness in the eyes. If you see these symptoms you should see the doctor immediately. However, these are not all the effects. If you see anything unusual you should see the doctor.

    Safety Advice


    Any pregnant woman should consult with the doctor before using Panatol. Without having prior consultation it could be harmful to the baby and mother. It is better to discuss the benefits and risks with your doctor.


    There is not much evidence on how it affects women who are breastfeeding the child and if the drug passes into the child. Consult the doctor before using it.


    Do not drive during or immediately after applying for the medicine. Since it causes blurred vision and dizziness. You must wait for 15-20 minutes.


    It is not known that how effective this medicine is for children who are below 2 years of age.