Azelast 5 Eye Drop - 0.05% (5ml)

Azelast 5 Eye Drop - 0.05% (5ml)

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Product Codev-care
Brand NameHydrochloride
Generic NameAzelastine
ManufacturerSigma india
PresentationEye Drop
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  • AZELAST 5 EYE DROP -“ 0.05% (5ML)

    Azelast 5 Eye Drop-0.05% (5ML) is an antihistaminic medication which is prescribed for the treatment of allergic eye disease. It gets absorbed in a very low quantity in the bloodstream so it-™s side-effects are very rare.


    Azelast 5 Eye Drop-0.05% (5ML) falls into a group of drugs known as antihistamines. The main constituent of this solution is Azelastine (topical) 0.05% w/v.

    How does it work:

    Azelast 5 Eye Drop-0.05% (5ML) blocks the impact of a chemical messenger -“ histamine inside your body to prevent and cure allergy/nasal symptoms like- itching, rashes, stuffy nose, sneezing, post-nasal drip, and swelling etc.

    How to use this?

    This drug is for external use only and one must use it as advised by his/her doctor or you can also read the instructions mentioned on the label. It is available in the form of a spray or solution. You are required to hold the dropper close to the eye or ear without touching them and gently squeeze the dropper to place the medicine inside the lower ear or eyelid. Clean the extra liquid.

    Side Effects:

    The most common side-effects which one can experience after using Azelast 5 Eye Drop-0.05% (5ML) is a bitter taste, eye -“irritation, nasal burning, tiredness, weight increase, drowsiness, muscle pain, etc. You must inform your doctor immediately if these side-effects persist for a long time.

    Precautions and Warning:

    Do not drive or operate a car or heavy machinery after using Azelast 5 Eye Drop-0.05% (5ML) since it may cause blurring of your vision for a short time. The effects of this medicine are considered probably safe during lactation and breastfeeding women are expected to wipe off the excess Azelast solution with an absorbent tissue. No clinical interaction has been established between patients using Azelast 5 Eye Drop-0.05% (5ML) with their kidney or liver diseases.