oflox Ear Drops is prescribed for the treatment of bacterial infection. Eye or Ear infection Drops best price in USA.  Order Now! Buy Oflox Eye/Ear Drop online in USA, UK and Australia by your doorsteps. Right Now!

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Brand NameOcuflox
Generic NameOfloxacin
PresentationEye Drop
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  • Oflox Eye/Ear Drop

    Oflox Ear / Eye Drop (Ofloxacin) is prescribed for the treatment of bacterial infection.Oflox Eye/Ear drop is given to cure bacterial ear/eye infection.

    Composition and Ingredients: The primary ingredient of this eye drops is OFLOXACIN TOPICAL. It is used effective in curing bacterial infection.

    How Oflox Eye/Ear Drops works: This topical antibiotic control the replication of the bacteria's DNA that ultimately kills bacteria.

    How to use it:This topical medicine should be used as prescribed by the doctor. Ask your doctor regarding the dose and frequency of the eye drop. Put few drop in the affected eye with dropper without touching it and wipe off extra liquid gently. Do not skip the dose or stop medication without consulting the doctor.

    Safety and Precaution: There is no such side effect of using the Oflaxcin eye drop.Though, pregnant women are advised to consult the doctor before using the eye drop. You can buy this eye drop online.We guarantee best price, authentic products.