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Brand NameOcuflox
Generic NameOfloxacin
PresentationEye Drop
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  • Oflox Ear/Eye Drops belong to the group of antibiotics that are used for ear/eye conditions. It is only for external use. Doctors prescribe this medicine for the treatment of bacterial infection in the eye. Once, you apply this medicine it prevents you from the symptoms of causative microorganisms. Always follow the doses and duration that are prescribed by the doctor.

    Always try not to miss the dose. Once you start treatment of this medicine your body becomes habitual with it. If you will stop taking treatment suddenly there are chances the bacteria might spread more. Your doctor suggested this medicine since it is based on your condition. If you find someone with a similar infection as yours but you can not provide those medicine to someone else. Only doctors can give it and you should not take it without a doctor's advice.

    You should keep in mind to wash your hands before applying for this medicine. Unclean hands lead to more dirt and infections. Also, try not to touch the tip of the bottle with cleaned hands. It can further cause infection. Apply only the prescribed number of eye drops. Not more or not less amount and then wait for 5 minutes then open your eyes. The patients who wear contact lenses, should remove them before applying the eye drops and wait for at least 15 mins to re-wear the lenses.

    Use of Oflox Ear/Eye Drops

    Oflox Ear/Eye Drops belongs to the group of antibiotic that is used for treating a group of infections and bacteria. It prevents the growth of bacteria that causes the infection and clears it. It clear the infectious chemicals. You should never skip the doses and make sure that the consistency is maintained. If the bacteria is killed then the body remains balanced. There are

    How to use Oflox Ear/Eye Drops

    The eye drops are for external use. Always use it on the advice of a doctor. Check the label before using the medicine. Get a good grip on the bottle while pouring it in the eye without touching it. Now gently squeeze the eyedropper and pour the medicine into the lower eyelids for better results. Once you place this medicine in your eyes. Sometimes a little more medicine comes out of the dropper. You can clean it with a clean cloth or wipes. If you have irritation or swelling in the eyes. After putting this medicine it becomes easy for you to carry out daily activities. Make sure you complete the course of this medicine.

    Side Effects of Medicine

    There are many side effects of Oflox Ear/Eye Drops, but most of them don't require immediate medical attention. As soon as your body becomes adapted to this medicine, these symptoms will also disappear. Some common side effects are headache, nausea, and eye discomfort. You might also face a short-term blurring effect if you have used it for the first time. However, if you see any unusual effects in your body after using this medicine. Contact your doctor immediately.

    Substitutes of Oflox Ear/Eye Drops

    The alternatives of Oflox eyes drop

    1. Aflox Eye Drop
    2. Oflo Ophthalmic Solution
    3. Urofin Eye Drop
    4. Floxol Ophthalmic Solution
    5. Ofdi Eye/Ear Drop
    6. Niolox Eye Drop
    7. Exocin Ophthalmic Solution
    8. OFC Eye Drop

    Safety Advice

    Can pregnant women use we use Oflox Ear/Eye Drop?

    It is not advisable to use Eye-Drop during pregnancy. Your doctor can tell you more about this concern by weighing the benefits and side effects of the Letopred Ear/Eye Drops

    Can breastfeeding women use Ear/Eye drops?

    It is safe to use Ear/Eye Drops if you are a breastfeeding woman. However, there is only some amount of research on this topic. If you find more medicine spiller around your eye you can clean it with the tissue.

    Is it safe to drive while using Eye-Drop?

    After applying this medicine, your vision becomes blurry for some time. So, once your clear vision is restored then you can drive safely.

    Is it safe to use Ear/Eye Drops while consuming alcohol?

    No research or interaction found yet.