Tropicacyl ED 3 ML Eye Drops help to examine the eye to detect any eye disease if present. It enlarges the eye pupil and allows eye specialists to view the eye very closely.

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    Tropicacyl ED 3 ML Eye Drops help to examine the eye to detect any eye disease if present. It enlarges the eye pupil and allows eye specialists to view the eye very closely.

    Tropicacyl Plus Eye Drops can be used for external purposes only. The doctor will recommend the right duration and dose. Do not touch the dropper’s base or do not let any surface touch the bottle’s tip to prevent contamination of the eye drops.

    The eyes become quite sensitive to light upon using this eye drop. Hence, use sunglasses to safeguard your eyes from direct sunlight or bright lights. You may face some side effects like blurred vision, eye pain/stinging, allergic reaction, photophobia, etc. Does not worry, as these symptoms go away quickly

     In case the symptoms continue for a long time or get severe, get in touch with the doctor immediately. Do not drive after applying this eye drop as it may cause temporary blurred vision.


    Uses of Tropicacyl ED 3 ML Eye Drops 

    Eye examination


    Benefits of Tropicacyl plus eye drop

    It helps in examining the eye by increasing the eye pupil size. By increasing the size of the pupil it becomes easier to examine the eye accurately and easily. This eye drop also helps offer relief in eye pain by offering relaxation to your eye muscles.

    This eye drop begins to work in a few minutes and the effect would last for 24 hours or more. In case you experience sensitivity to light, blurred vision, or increased pupils even after many days post-eye examination, connect with your doctor immediately.


    Side effects of (TROPICACYL PLUS eye drops)

    A lot of side effects that you face are mild and do not need any medical help. They vanish once your body gets used to the drop. Still, if the symptoms stay for a long time and you are stressed due to the symptoms, discuss them with your doctor instantly.

    Some common side effects are as below


    • Eye pain
    • Allergic reaction
    • Blurred vision
    • Stinging in the eyes
    • Photophobia


    How to use the eye drops (Tropicacyl ED 3 ML Eye Drops )?

    This eye drop should be used for external purposes only. The duration & dose will be advised by your doctor. Read the label to know the directions to use it correctly. Bring the dropper near your eye but make sure the bottle tip doesn’t touch your eye. Also, avoid touching the bottle tip with a finger. Slowly, squeeze the dropper and put it in your eyelid. If you notice extra liquid around the eye or face, wipe it off with a tissue.


    General Warnings

    Converse with your physician if

    • You use contact lenses
    • Face visual disturbance
    • Face severe dryness in eyes
    • You are suffering from glaucoma or any other eye conditions
    • You are suffering from a kidney, liver, or heart condition
    • You have blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or thyroid.

    Do not use this eye drop in children under 12 years


    What if you miss out on a dose of Tropicacycl eye drops?

    In case you miss out on a dose of this eye drop, just skip that dose and go ahead with the dose as scheduled. Do not take a double dose.


    Interactions with medicines

     As this eye drop is for external use only, the chances of its interactions with other medicines are quite less. Still, you should discuss with your doctor to know the interactions if you are taking other medicines to treat other health ailments.


    How to store and dispose of the Tropicacyl Plus Eye Drops?

    • Store the medicine at a temperature of not more than15°C - 25°C. Do not place it in the freezer.
    • Keep the medicine away from pets & children.
    • In case you notice the change in color of the solution or seems to be cloudy, or have some particles in it, discard the eye drop immediately.




    Q-Can I apply for the medicine during pregnancy?

    Do not use the medicine in pregnancy unless your doctor asks you to do so. Since there is limited data on its safety during pregnancy, do not forget to consult your physician before using it.


    Q-Can I use the eye drop while breastfeeding?

    This eye drop is not recommended during breastfeeding as there is not enough information on whether it passes to the breast milk or not.


    Q-Can I drive after applying this eye drop?


    After putting this eye drop in your eyes, you may face drowsiness, dizziness, and lack of focus. So, do not drive or engage in activities that need you to be alert all the time.


    Q-Is alcohol consumption recommended with this eye drop?

    Well, alcohol can make things worse so do not consume alcohol while applying the eye drop. Talk to your physician if you are in habit of consuming alcohol often.

    Although the eye drop is for external use only, you need to communicate with your healthcare provider before you use it. It will help you follow the right dose and the exact duration you need to apply the dose.