Norflox Eye Drop 0.3% Eye Drop

Norflox Eye Drop 0.3% Eye Drop

Norflox Eye drops 0.3% contain norfloxacin as the main ingredient. The eye drop is an antibiotic. It is used to treat bacterial infections present in the eyes and ears.

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Brand NameChibroxin
Generic NameNorfloxacin Benzalkonium Chl.
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    Norflox Eye drops 0.3% contain norfloxacin as the main ingredient. The eye drop is an antibiotic. It is used to treat bacterial infections present in the eyes and ears.

    This medicine should be used as prescribed by your eye specialist. Also, take it for the period the doctor has suggested to you. Make sure you complete the course of this antibiotic medicine else the treatment will not show desired results. Tell your doctor about your medical history before you start taking the medicine.

    How does the eye/ear drop works?

    Norfloxacin is the antibiotic that slows down the generation of the genetic component of the bacteria. Hence, several elements necessary for the bacteria to stay alive and reproduce are completely stopped by the medicine. This affects the growth of bacteria and they are dead.


    Uses & Benefits

    The drops which are an antibiotic medication help treat bacterial infections that occur in the eye and ear. There are many other uses of this medicine not mentioned here.


    How to use Norflox Eye Drops?

    • Follow the instructions of the doctor to take the prescribed dose and for a length of time, the doctor asked you to take it.
    • Apply the number of drops prescribed by your doctor.
    • Put the drops in one eye/ear and repeat it for the other ear/eye after a gap of 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Make sure the tip of the eye drop bottle doesn’t touch the infected spot.


    Drug interactions

    Speak to your physician if you are consuming the following medicines

    • Cyclosporine (to treat joint and skin pain)
    • Theophylline (to treat breathing problems)
    • Caffeine
    • Warfarin (for blood thinning)





    The possibility of overdose as far as this medicine is concerned is quite less. It is an eye/ear drop and is used for application. Still, if it is consumed accidentally, get in touch with the healthcare or visit the nearest clinic. In case you have put in too much of this medicine, wipe out the medicine using tissue or cotton.

    Missed a Dose

    If you forget to put the drops in your eyes/ears, put them once you remember them. If you remember late and it is time for the second dose, do not take the missed dose. Instead, take the dose scheduled. Avoid taking an extra dose to fill for the second dose.


    Storage & Disposal

    • Store the eye drops at a temperature below 25°C. Do not expose the drops to heat, moisture, or sunlight.
    • Kee drops out of the reach of pets and children.




    Q-Are Norflox Eye Drops safe to use during pregnancy?

    There is not enough data available regarding the safety of this medicine during pregnancy. So, discuss with your physician if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy before you start with the drops.

    Q-Is the medicine safe to use while breastfeeding?

    Whether norfloxacin transmits to human milk is not known. Hence, speak to the doctor if you are breastfeeding and want to use the medicine.

    Q-Is driving recommended after application of this Eye Drop?

    There is no data available that states that the medicine can affect your senses to drive or use heavy machinery.

    Q-Is alcohol consumption safe while I am on Norflox Eye Drop?

     There is no evidence available that mentions the interaction of the drops with alcohol.

    Q-Can I discontinue the drops if I am feeling better?

     Please do not discontinue the drops unless you complete the treatment course even if you have started feeling better. Even though you may feel better, there will be some bacteria that are still active. The live bacteria can get used to antibiotics and cause bacterial infection again.

    Q-Is it okay to wear contact lenses during the application of the eye/ear drops for treating a bacterial infection in the eyes?

    No. Remove the contact lenses before using the medicine and take advice from your doctor.

    Q-Are these eye/ear drops addictive or habit forming?

    Nothing of habit-forming aspect is reported yet.

    Q-Can I use the drops for mental disorders?

    No, the drops will not work to treat mental disorders.


    General Warnings

    Discuss with your doctor if

    • You tend to get allergic reactions after the application of this medicine.
    • You are suffering from hearing problems or any other issues.
    • You do not see any improvement in the condition after using the medicine
    • Avoid using the drops for fungal or viral infections.
    • Avoid touching the base of the eye drop bottle

    The pharmacist can help you get more information on norfloxacin ophthalmic medicine. Also, read the label and instructions properly before you start applying the drops.

    Make sure your pets and children are not given access to the medicine. Do not share the eye/ear drop with others having the same problem. Use the medicine as directed by the physician.

    For any queries regarding this medicine, get in touch with the doctor to make sure you use the medicine correctly.