Arzep 10 ml

Arzep 10 ml

Arzep, the nasal spray is used for curing eye allergy.Whether you suffer from seasonal allergy It is an Antihistaminic medication.

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Brand NameAstelin
Generic NameAzelastine Hcl
ManufacturerGerman remedies, India
PresentationArzep - 10 ml
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  • Arzep 10 ml Nasal Spray


    Arzep Nasal Spray is used to treat allergic symptoms like stuffy/runny nose and sneezing. The doctor’s instructions should be followed while using This nasal spray in your nose. It is a nasal spray and is not meant for oral application.

    Ask your doctor to know the right duration & dose of this spray. In case you have any injury, infection, or ulceration inside the nose, speak to the doctor before you use the spray.

    The application of nasal spray may result in a bitter taste or nasal irritation in some people. But, these symptoms are for a short span and will go away with time. If they persist and are troublesome, inform your doctor about it.



    Helps treat runny nose/sneezing that occurs because of allergies.



    Treats runny nose and sneezing that comes as a result of allergies

    Arzep Nasal Spray offers relief from a range of symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, or itchy eyes. It will help you deal with your daily tasks easily. The spray hardly has any severe side effects. You may need to use it for only a few days before which you face symptoms. Also, this spray will make you less sleepy as compared to other medicines where you get sleepy and dizzy. In case you are using this spray to prevent certain symptoms, you need to take it regularly to get maximum benefits.


    Side effects of Arzep Nasal Spray

    Most side effects of this spray don’t need medical help and go away once the body is used to this spray. If the symptoms remain for longer or bother you, speak to your physician

    The main side effects are

    • Nasal irritation
    • Bitter taste


    Usage (Arzep Nasal Spray)

    For the right dose & duration, you must the guidelines of your doctor. Go through the label on the spray bottle. Put the tip of the spray bottle into one nostril while keeping the other nostril closed. Position the spray facing the sides of the nostril a little aside from the cartilage splitting the 2 sides of the nose. While you spray, just breathe easy and let the head remain straight. Now, repeat this process for your other nostrils.





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    This nasal spray can be unsafe for pregnant women. Ask your doctor to know the risks & benefits associated before he prescribes it to you.



    This nasal spray is likely to be safe for breastfeeding mothers. The human data available says that the medicine will not cause any harm to the baby. To ensure that less amount of this spray passes on to the breastmilk, remove the excessive solution using a tissue.



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    Missed dose

    In case you forgot a dose of this nasal spray, put it in the nose as soon as you remember. In case the regular schedule has the next dose in line, do not put the missed dose of this spray in the nose. Simply follow the next dose to get back to the normal schedule. Do not compensate for the missed dose of this spray.




    Q-Do I need to worry about the safety of using Arzep Nasal Spray?

    The spray is safe when used as per the directions of the doctor for the right dose & duration. Try not to skip the dose. Follow your doctor’s advice properly and for any side effects get in touch with the doctor immediately.


    Q-How does the nasal spray work?

    This nasal spray(Arzep Nasal Spray) blocks the release of histamine, a chemical substance that gives rise to allergies like red/watery eyes and runny nose or sneezing.


    Q-What to do if skip a dose of this nasal spray by mistake?

    In case you forgot to put a dose of Arzep Nasal Spray, just take it when you remember. In case the next dose is due within the same time, skip the missed dose. Do not take a double dose of this spray as it can result in severe side effects.


    Q-Is Arzep Nasal Spray helpful?

    This nasal spray is helpful if taken according to the doctor’s recommendation. Even if you notice some improvement in the condition, do not discontinue using the spray without asking the doctor. It can result in the reoccurrence of symptoms and the condition may worsen.


    Q- How long does it take for this nasal spray to show effects?

    You can see the effects of this nasal spray within 15 minutes of its application.


    Q-For how long do the effects of this nasal spray last?

    The effects of this nasal spray last for about 12 hours


     Q-Can I get addicted to this nasal spray?

    No. It is not an addictive medicine. No studies have been reported about this medicine being addictive.