Eumosone cream15 gm

Eumosone cream15 gm

Eumosome is used for Dermatitis, Eczema, Herpes simplex infections, Inflammatory eye disease, Psoriasis. oral or vaginal thrush(yeast infection), lip disorder angular cheilitis. Balanitis, and others.

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Brand NameEumovate
Generic NameClobetasone
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  • Eumosone cream 15 gm

    Eumosone Cream is a temporary treatment option for skin disorders like dermatitis and eczema. The cream works by blocking the release of elements that result in redness, itchiness, and swelling of the skin.

    Wash your hands properly and dry the infected area before you apply a thin layer of this cream. Avoid contact with this cream with the mouth, eyes, and nose. If the cream comes in contact accidentally with your eyes, nose, and mouth, rinse it using enough water.

    Do not cover the treated skin surface with bandages unless your physician asks you to do so.

    After the application of this cream, you may face irritation, burning sensation, swelling, or redness at the spot of application. These effects last for a short span.

    Well, if the symptoms turn severe, inform your healthcare provider. This cream is not advisable for children. Also, breastfeeding and pregnant women should consult their gynecologist before applying this cream.


    Uses of Eumosone Cream 

    • Treats skin conditions like itching and infection
    • Treats skin disorders



    A lot of basic side effects do not need immediate medical help and vanish once the body gets accustomed to the cream. Speak to your healthcare provider, if the symptoms stay for a lengthy period or are troublesome.


    Serious side effects are

    • Stinging sensation
    • Burning sensation
    • Opportunistic infections
    • Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis suppression
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Cataract
    • Allergic contact dermatitis
    • High blood pressure
    • Hypertrichosis


    How to use (EUMOSONE CREAM)?

    Only external use is advisable for this cream. The doctor will prescribe the right dose & duration. The label on the cream can help you understand the directions before you use the cream. Make sure the infected area is dry & clean before you apply this cream. Also, wash your hands properly before using the cream.


    How does the cream work?

    This cream is a steroid. It blocks the release of chemical messengers known as prostaglandins that result in swollen, itchy, and red skin.


    Safety Advice


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    This cream may not be safe for pregnant women. Well, not enough information is available on humans but animal studies show that it can be harmful to developing babies. So, speak to your physician before using this cream.


    Breastfeeding mothers should use this cream with caution. Breastfeeding should be stopped by the mothers unless the treatment is over and the drug is thrown out of the body.


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    Q-What is Eumosone ointment used for?

     This cream is used to treat various skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. The cream is quite useful to relieve itchiness and infection of the skin. Eumosone ointment shows very less subduing of immunity of the body as compared to other medicines. Well, it is better to speak to your physician before you apply this cream.


    Q-How to use Eumosone Cream?

    Clean the infected skin surface and keep it dry before applying this cream. Massage the cream gently on the infected area. Make sure the cream doesn’t come in contact with the nose, mouth, or eyes. If that happens accidentally, wash it immediately with water.


    Q-Will this cream cause a hormonal imbalance in my body?

    This cream is a topical steroid and is used for external application. It is a moderately powerful steroid. So, there are lesser chances of immunity suppression with the application of this cream. Make sure you consult our physician before you start using this cream.


    Q-Can I use this cream for children?


    The cream is not recommended for use in children below 12 years. You can use it only if the doctor recommends it for your child. At times doctors prescribe this cream to treat skin infections in children. The treatment duration of this cream will not be more than seven days. In case the condition gets severe or doesn’t show any improvement, inform your doctor.


    Q-Can I stop applying this cream if I feel better?

    No. Please do not stop the application of this cream without discussing it with your doctor even if you feel better. The infections may improve but may not cure completely if you stop using the cream in between the course. So, continue with the application as suggested by the doctor.


    Q-What if I miss a dose of this cream?

    In case you miss a dose of this cream, nothing to worry about as you can apply this cream once you remember. Still, if you have any doubts or questions about its application, you can communicate with your doctor.


    Q-How long will it take to see visible improvements in skin condition after applying this cream?

    You will see visible improvement in your skin condition within a few days of its application. Do not leave its application in the middle of the course of treatment even if you see better results.