Ledercort 4 mg

Ledercort 4 mg

Ledercort 4mg is a steroid. It is utilized for the therapy of a wide assortment of ailments like serious unfavorably susceptible responses, osteoarthritis, and rheumatic problems

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Brand NameNasacort
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  • Ledercort 4 mg


    Ledercort 4 mg tablet is a steroid. The tablet is used to treat a range of medical issues like osteoarthritis, severe allergic reactions, and rheumatic disorders. It offers fast relief in these conditions. It works by blocking the release of elements that cause infection.

    You can take this tablet with meals and without meals too. The medicine is effective when you take it regularly. You can continue taking the tablet as per the dose & duration suggested by the doctor.

    Besides the common side effects of this tablet, patients can experience other side effects too. For example, mood changes, weight gain, and changes in behavior.

    When you undergo the treatment, this tablet can make your immunity weak to fight infections. So, if you have any symptoms of infections like sore throat or fever, inform your physician.



    • Helps treat Osteoarthritis
    • Help treat Rheumatoid arthritis


    Side effects 

    Most side effects are not severe. So, no immediate medical assistance is required. The side effects go with time. If the symptoms are bothering you, speak to your physician.

    Common side effects 

    • Joint pain
    • Upset stomach
    • Headache
    • Reduction in bone density
    • Increased risk of infection
    • Injection site reactions 


    How to use Ledercort 4 mg?

    The doctor will prescribe, the right dose & duration. Follow the guidelines of your doctor. Swallow the tablet with water. 


    Safety Advice 



    This tablet is not safe to use with alcohol. 


    This tablet may not be safe for pregnant women. The studies on humans are limited. Animal studies show the harmful effect on the baby. The physician can tell you the risks & benefits of this medicine. So, consult your physician.


    This tablet may be safe for breastfeeding mothers. The data says that the medicine doesn’t show any risk to the baby.


    This tablet can give rise to side effects that can disturb your consciousness to drive.

    Tell your physician immediately if you have pain in the eyes or issues with vision. It can influence driving ability.


    Take this with caution if you have kidney problems. You may need a dose adjustment. Consult your healthcare provider for dose adjustments. 


    Take this tablet with caution if you have liver issues. Consult your physician for dose adjustment.




    Q-What is Ledercort 4 mg Tablet used for?

    The tablet has immunosuppressant and anti-inflammatory properties. The tablet helps treat health issues like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It is also effective in treating several autoimmune diseases (autoimmune diseases occur when the immune system of your body attacks your body itself and causes harm).


    Q-How does this tablet work?

    This tablet works by eradicating the infection and treating several diseases related to inflammation. It obstructs the autoimmune reactions that occur when the immune system of the body attacks the body only to cause harm.


    Q-Is this tablet effective?

    This tablet is effective only when used in the right dose & duration. The dose & duration as the physician recommends. If you find your condition improving before the course of the treatment ends, do not stop its consumption. Take the tablet for the prescribed period. If you stop it in between the course, the symptoms can come again.


    Q-How long will it see results after taking this tablet?

     This tablet helps treat inflammation and pain. Well, the effect varies with each individual based on one’s condition and body weight.

    Your healthcare provider will recommend a suitable dose of this tablet. Do not alter the dose or take a higher dose to get faster relief. Taking a higher dose wouldn’t offer faster relief. It can worsen things even more. You may experience unwanted side effects. Do not be impatient and believe in your doctor’s prescription. You can speak to your doctor if you do not notice improvements in your condition even after the treatment course is over.


    Q-What if I miss a dose of this tablet?

    If you tend to miss a dose of this tablet, take it after you remember. If you are supposed to take the next dose at that time, skip your missed dose. Continue with a normal schedule. Avoid doubling the dose as it can result in the occurrence of side effects.


    Q-Is this tablet safe?

    This tablet is safe if taken in the appropriate dose and duration as recommended by the physician. Do not make any changes in the dose. Just follow the advice of your healthcare provider. For any side effects, contact your physician immediately.


    Q-How long will it take for the tablet to show its effects?

    You can see the effects of this tablet after 1 to 2 hours of consumption of the prescribed dose.


    Q-Is there any probability of getting addicted to this tablet?

    No reports show any habit-forming tendency for this tablet. 


    You can gain maximum benefits from this tablet only if you follow the directions of the doctor.