Zaha Eye Drop helps treat eye infections caused due to bacteria. This eye drop is an antibiotic. It is effective in eliminating different types of bacteria in children and adults.

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Brand NameAzasite
Generic NameAzithromycin
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    Zaha Eye Drop helps treat eye infections caused due to bacteria. This eye drop is an antibiotic. It is effective in eliminating different types of bacteria in children and adults.

    Use this eye drop as told by your physician. Use the eye drops regularly as per the dose and duration suggested by the doctor. Keep the recommended intervals by the doctor between each dose. Try not to miss the doses and complete the treatment course, if you think you are feeling much better before completing the course. If you stop using the medicine in the middle of the treatment course, the infection can worsen and may return.


    Uses of the eye drop (Zaha eye drop)

    Helps treat bacterial infections


    Benefits of the eye drop

    This eye drop is an effective antibiotic medicine that is useful in treating a lot of bacterial infections including infections of

    • Brain
    • Joints
    • Brain
    • Blood
    • Urinary tract
    • Bones
    • Intestines
    • Stomach
    • Lungs

    This medicine is also helpful in treating sexually transmitted diseases.  It prevents the further growth of bacteria that causes infection and it eliminates the infection. Use this medicine as prescribed by your healthcare provider and do not skip the doses. It will ensure the complete eradication of bacteria.


    Side effects of the eye drops

    You may notice a lot of side effects of this eye drop which are not severe. These symptoms do not need medical help and disappear after the body adjusts to the eye drops. If the symptoms stay for long or turn severe, speak to your physician immediately.


    Common side effects

    • Vomiting
    • Burning eyes
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Abdominal pain


    How do Zaha eye drops work?

    This eye drop works by blocking the union of main bacteria needed for bacteria to stay alive and grow. Hence, the medicine prevents the growth of bacteria and in turn the spread of infection.


    Safety Information

    • Go through the label on the eye drop bottle before use
    • Restrict the access of the drop to children
    • Avoid taking a higher dose than suggested
    • Take the correct dose as your doctor asked you to
    • Store the eye drops in a cool place without exposure to heat and direct sunlight.


    Precautions and Drug Warnings

    • If you are allergic to azithromycin, do not use this eye drop
    • Also, do not use the eye drop if you are allergic to medium-chain triglycerides, a macrolide antibiotic, or any elements present in Zaha Eye Drops.
    • Speak to your physician if you are breastfeeding or pregnant before you use the eye drops
    • You may face blurred vision for a temporary period after using this drop, so wait for some time until your vision seems to be normal before using any machinery or driving.
    • For any issues related to vision, glaucoma, increased eye pain, eye surgery, eye damage, etc. before you use this eye drop.


    Safety advice



    The interaction of alcohol with this medicine is not known. Please speak to your physician.



    In case you are pregnant and want to use this eye drop, consult your physician to know the benefits and risks.



    If your doctor suggests you use Zaha eye drops during breastfeeding, only then you can use them.



    This eye drop results in blurred vision, so let the vision get clear as normal before you drive or use any heavy machinery.



    There is limited information to support the use of this eye drop in people suffering from liver conditions. So, speak to your physician before using the eye drops.



    There is not enough information available related to the use of this eye drop for people having kidney diseases. So, it is better to consult your healthcare provider to know its benefits and risks.



    Q-Can I use this eye drop for a long duration?

    You should use this eye drop only for the prescribed duration. Do not take it for a longer period than suggested by your doctor. Get in touch with your doctor in case you do not find any improvement in eye infection after 3 days of applying these eye drops.

    Q-Can I use this eye drop with other eye medicines?

    You can use Zaha eye drops along with other eye medicines if your doctor suggests you do so. Use the other eye medication after 15 minutes after application of Zaha eye drops. Or you can use other eye medicines and wait for 15 mins and then put on Zaha Eye Drops.

    Q-Can I wear contact lenses while putting on the Zaha eye drops?

    Wearing contact lenses while applying Zaha eye drops is not recommended. So, remove your contact lenses and then use this eye drop. It is better to use spectacles instead of contact lenses until the infection is treated completely.

    Q-Does using Zaha eye drops causes blurred vision?

    You will experience blurred vision after applying Zaha eye drops but for a temporary period. Hence, wait for the vision to get clear before you drive or operate machinery.