Toba Eye Drop - 0.3% (5 ml)

Toba Eye Drop - 0.3% (5 ml)

Toba eye drop is an antibiotic medicine. It comprises tobramycin. Tobramycin is used to treat bacterial infections (external infections) present in the eye.

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Brand NameTobran
Generic NameTobramycin
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  • Toba eye drops 0.3%

    Toba eye drop is an antibiotic medicine. It comprises tobramycin. Tobramycin is used to treat bacterial infections (external infections) present in the eye.

    The drops help prevent the further growth of bacteria that causes infection. The eye drop is ideal for ocular use. It is ideal for external applications only.

    The medicine is not suitable for swallowing. The dropper shouldn’t be touched with the eye or hand. Follow the doctor’s instructions to use the drop properly. Do not use the drops without discussing them with your doctor.


    Side effects of Toba eye drop 0.3%

    A lot of side effects of this medicine do not need instant medical help. They disappear once your body is used to them. If the effects get serious, talk to your eye specialist.

    Common side effects are

    • Burning sensation
    • Eye irritation
    • Eye itching
    • Eye redness


    How the eye does Toba eye drop by 0.3% help?

    The eye drops help treat bacterial infections in the eyes. The medicines help stop the multiplication of bacteria that causes the infection. It also soothes the symptoms like itching, pain, soreness, and redness that occur due to an infection eye.

    Your eye specialist will decide the dose and duration for which you need to take the medicine. The dose & duration depends on the severity of your condition. Do not halt the treatment in between. Finish the course of treatment as suggested by the health expert. Else, the infection will not be cured completely and can return. Else, the infection will not be cured completely and can return.


    How Does Toba eye drop 0.3% Work?

    The eye drops prevent bacterial growth by suppressing the protein combination in the bacterial cells.


    Interactions of eye drop with the other medicines

    • As the eye drops are for external use only, the interactions of the eye drops are quite less with other drugs.
    • Well, you should speak to your eye specialist if you are on other medicines to treat other health issues.


    How to store & dispose of Toba 0.3 %

    • Store the eye drops below 25°C. It needs to be kept safely in a dry & cool place.
    • Do not give access to this drop to pets & children



    Q-How long do I have to wait for the medicine to show effect?

    It is not proved clinically regarding the length of period the medicine takes to show the effects.


    Q-How long does the medicine's effects last?

     There is no clinical evidence for how long the medicine is active in the body.


    Q-Can I take alcohol while using this drop?

    Whether alcohol has any interactions or not is not known yet. So, connect with the doctor before you apply it.


    Q-Can I get the addiction to this medicine?

     There are no reports that talk about his medicine being habit-forming.


    Q-Can I take this medicine during pregnancy?

     The eye drop is not advisable for pregnant women unless it is quite essential. So, make sure you discuss with the physician to know the benefits and risks of applying for this medicine.


    Q-Can I take this medicine while I am breastfeeding?

    Breastfeeding women should not be this medicine unless it is quite necessary. You should the risks & benefits with the physician before using the drop.


    Q-What if I miss a dose of the eye drop?

    When you miss a dose, try to take it as soon as you recollect. If you are near the time for the next dose scheduled, skip your missed dose. Do not extra dose to cover up for the missed dose.


    Q-Is it safe to drive after applying the Toba eye drop?

    Although the eye drops have almost no/negligible effects when taken while driving, in case you face any side effects that restrict you to drive safely, then do not drive.


    Q-Does the Toba Eye Drop contain steroids?

    No. the eye drops don’t contain any steroids. It is an antibiotic and useful to treat bacterial infections. The medicine doesn’t work for fungal or viral infections. So, do not this medicine for any other infections other than bacterial.


    Vital tips

    • The eye drops are helpful to treat bacterial eye infections
    • Make sure you do not skip doses and complete the treatment course.
    • Do not stop the medicine in between the treatment course, even if you feel better.
    • You may face a stinging sensation after the application of the drops for a minute or two. If it continues for longer, get in touch with the eye specialist.
    • Do not use the eye drops after 4 weeks of opening the eye drop bottle.
    • Do not interrupt the dose if the treatment course is not completed even if you feel much better
    • Do not use the drop for an extended period than prescribed as it can damage the cornea.

    Do not try to modify the dose of this medicine. Take it as prescribed to see the best results. In case you face any severe effects, visit your doctor immediately. Complete the treatment course and stop taking the medicine only after your doctor tells you to do so.