Megabrom 5ml

Megabrom 5ml

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Brand NameXibrom
Generic NameBromfenac Opthalmic Solution 0.9
ManufacturerSun Pharma
PresentationEye Drop/s
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  • MEGABROM : It is a pain killer drug / medicine to cure pain during the eye treatment.It usually gives a relief to eye pain for a particular period of time.This medicine is used during eye surgery for eye pain comfort. 

    USES OF MEGABROM : MEGABROM eye drop is used in the treatment of eye pain.Drop is used to get rid of the eye pain.It is also used in the prevention and in the treatment of the inflammation in the eye.It is also used in relieving the symptoms in eye surgery. 

    COMPOSITION AND INGREDIENTS: Composition for MEGABROME eye Drop is Bomfenac(0.09 %). It is consists of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and is available in the liquid form.
    HOW TO USE MEGABROM: It should be used as prescribed and advised by the doctors.One should check the label for directions before using it.Hold the dropper keenly, squeeze the dropper gently and then place the medicine inside your lower eyelid. Avoid using it after the four weeks of opening the bottle.
    HOW MEGABROM WORKS: MEGABROM eye drop is a non - steroidal along with anti - inflammation.It works by blocking the release of the chemical named as prostaglandins which cause inflammation, redness and swelling in the eye. It also works in relieving the eye pain.

    MEGABROM SIDE EFFECTS: Irritation in eye ,Burning eyes, Blurring of vision ,for short period of time. MEGABROM Eye Drop shows up some side effects due to either immediate use of the medicine or after some time.It may cause blurring of vision for a short time just after it is used.These side effects can be only for some people due to some other reactions in the body.If able to observe such problems please consult a doctor.