Megabrom 5ml eye drop

Megabrom 5ml eye drop

Megabrom 5 ml Eye Drop helps to ease post-operative eye pain and swelling. It is very common to have swollen eyes and redness after surgery. Megabrom 5ml would be the best to recover from the inflammation.

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Brand NameXibrom
Generic NameBromfenac Opthalmic Solution 0.9
ManufacturerSun Pharma
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  • After cataract surgery, Megabrom 5 ml Eye Drop is prescribed to reduce the pain. It belongs to the section of painkillers that are part of non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs in adults. After the surgery, it is common to have swollen eyes and redness. Megabrom 5ml would be the best to recover from the inflammation. It gives you relief from the pain. Majorly it is used in postoperative eye pain and burning sensation. The patients who have recovered from cataract surgery are using this eye drop.

    You should keep in mind to wash your hands before applying for this medicine. Uncleaned hands lead to more dirt and infections. Also, try not to touch the tip of the bottle neither with cleaned hands.  It can further cause infection. Apply only the prescribed number of eye drop. Not more or not less amount and then wait for 5 minutes then open your eyes. The patients who wear contact lenses, should remove them before applying the eye drops and wait for at least 15 mins to re-wear the lenses.

    You can witness blur vision, mild irritation for a few seconds, sensitivity to light, decreased vision, sore and teary eyes. But there is nothing serious about these issues. It gets better with time. However, if you notice these symptoms every day then let your doctor know. Consult your doctor, they will guide you better on how to take the following effective measures. He would tell you ways to prevent this condition or reduce the underlying symptoms. While starting any new medicine, tell your doctor about all the medicines that you have in a day. Tell your doctor about any disorders or medical conditions before having new medicine. Especially pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult with their doctors before taking a new medicine.

    Uses of the Medicine

    Doctors recommend Megabrom 5 ml Eye Drop for post-operative eye pain and swelling. It is used for inflammation and eye pain. This medicine helps to reduce the symptoms of eye surgery such as pain in the eye, soreness, and redness, itching, or pain in the eye. Follow the schedule and doses prescribed by your doctor. It is based on your present condition therefore complete the full course of the medicines. In this manner, you can be sure that the symptoms are prevented and will not return. Please do not rub your eyes for at least one month after the surgery.

    Side Effects of Megabrom 5 ml Eye Drop 

    There are some side effects of the medicine but not very serious that would require medical attention. You will only witness these symptoms for a few minutes and then they will be gone since your body adjusts with the medicine. But if these symptoms persist for a longer time you can consult your doctor and do the needful.  Common side effects of eye drops are watery eyes, blurred vision, insensitivity to light, eye pain, headache, mild eye irritation, decreased vision, sore eyes, and change in color vision.

    How to use the medicine?

    Doctors prescribe this medicine for external use only. Consume the dose and maintain the duration of the medicines as told by the doctor. The doctor will suggest the doses based on the severity of the condition. Follow up on the advice of the doctor. Before applying or even buying the medicine check the label for directions before use. Never touch the tip of the dropper when you are applying the medicine to the eye. Gently squeeze the dropper into the lower eyelid. After that clean the extra liquid, if any from the wipes or tissue.

    Safety Advice


    This medicine is not for you if you are pregnant. At least not for 3 months, since it can harm your unborn baby. If there is urgency and you feel to take the medicine consult your doctor before taking this medicine, by weighing the benefits and disadvantages.


    There is no data available on Megabrom and alcohol interaction. Therefore, consult your doctor before taking this medicine.


    If the doctor has prescribed the breastfeeding women this medicine then you can take it. But always on what's the doctors say. However, there is only limited data on this.

    Diet and Lifestyle

    Avoid consuming fatty foods and sugary content in your diet. Maintain a balanced lifestyle and eat antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, and broccoli.