Pred Forte consists of Prednisolone which is part of a group of medicines known as Corticosteroids. The medicine is used to treat eye inflammation in adults not caused due to bacterial, viral, or fungal particles.

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Brand NamePrednisolone Acetate 1%
Generic Name Prednisolone Acetate
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    Pred Forte 1% consists of Prednisolone which is part of a group of medicines known as Corticosteroids. The medicine is used to treat eye inflammation in adults not caused due to bacterial, viral, or fungal particles. The medicine is also used to decrease the burning sensation and swelling redness of the eye that arises due to heat, allergy, radiation, specific chemicals, or external objects in the eye.

    The eye drop is not safe to use in patients suffering from tuberculosis of the eye or who have a history of herpes simplex infection.

    So, before using this medicine, check with your doctor if

    • you are undergoing any eye treatment
    • Have eye ulcers
    • Had cataract surgery in the past
    • Suffering from glaucoma
    • history of cataract surgery
    • you suffer from bacterial, viral, or fungal eye infections.
    • You are pregnant/breastfeeding woman

    Pred Forte is not ideal for use in children under 12 years.

    Make sure the eye drop bottle is not used by multiple individuals. One bottle should be used by one person only to avoid the spread of infection. The eye drop bottle should be closed tightly when you are not using it. Keep the bottle away from children.

    Make sure you do not use this eye drop for longer than it is suggested by the doctor as it can result in secondary infection or glaucoma.

    You can witness some side effects like stomach problems or mood changes when you begin using it. If these symptoms are troublesome for you, speak to the physician.

    Make sure you do not discontinue the drops without asking your doctor as it can make your condition even worse.


     How to use Pred Forte 1% suspension?

    It is a steroid. It blocks the building of some chemical messages that turn the eye itchy, swollen, or red.


    Uses of the Pred Forte 1% eye drop

    • The medicine is used as a short-term treatment course for eye infections in adults (used to treat infections not caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungus)
    • Used to combat irritation, redness, swelling, and eye caused due to heat, allergy, radiation, etc


    Common side effects of Pred Forte 1% eye drop

    • Common cold  
    • Headache
    • Iridocyclitis (swelling &irritation of the eye pupil)
    • A rise in intraocular pressure


    Rare side effects

    • Taste disturbances
    • Itching

    Do not continue using PRED FORTE 1% and get in touch with your healthcare provider immediately if you face the following side effects.

    • Severe eye pain
    • Ulcers on the eye surface


    Warning and Precautions



    Breastfeeding women should use the eye drop with caution. It is better to communicate with your doctor before you use the eye drop.



    Pregnant women or women planning for pregnancy should use this eye drop only after discussing it with the doctor.


    Driving/operating heavy machines

    Avoid using heavy machines or indulging in driving while you are on Pred Forte eye drops as it results in blurred vision for a temporary period.



    If you are allergic to benzalkonium chloride, prednisolone, or any other ingredients present in this medicine, do not use this medicine.


    Use in children

    The eye drops are not suitable for use in children below 12 years as they can affect their fertility in the future. Ask your doctor for appropriate advice.


    Use in elderly people

    Pred Forte should be used with utmost caution in elderly people that is 65 years and more. They should ask the doctor before using the eye drop.


    Drug Interactions

    Tell your physician if you are taking any of the medicines listed below

    • Other steroid eye drops -loteprednol, hydrocortisone, and dexamethasone
    • Cobicistat, Ritonavir

    If you use Pred Forte for the long term, it can lead to cataracts/high intraocular pressure in the eyes, So, use the medicine with caution if you had cataracts in the past or suffering from glaucoma.


    Overdosage of Pred Forte 1% eye drop

    In case you used the eye drops more than the prescribed dose accidentally, rinse the eyes using clean water and get in touch with your eye specialist or visit the nearest hospital immediately.


    Contact lenses

    Benzalkonium chloride can be soaked up by soft contact lenses. It can alter the color of the contact lenses. So, remove contact lenses if you are using them before the application of this medicine. Wear them back 15 minutes after the application of this eye drop.

    Benzalkonium chloride can lead to eye irritation, especially in the case of patients having eye disorders (of the cornea) or dry eyes. In case you experience unusual eye sensation, pain, or stinging in the eye after the application of this eye drop, connect with your doctor instantly.




    Q- How long will it take for the eye drops to show the benefits?

    It is not clinically known about the duration of the medicine showing its benefits.


    Q-Is the Pred Forte 1% eye drops safe to consume with alcohol?

    The interaction of this eye drop with alcohol is not known. So, check with your doctor before you consume alcohol with the medicine.


    Q-Will I get habitual with Pred Forte 1% eye drops?

    No, this medicine is not addictive.