Nevanac 0.1% Eye/Drop

Nevanac 0.1% Eye/Drop

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Brand NameNevanac
Generic NameNepafenac Opthalmic solution
ManufacturerAlcon Labs
PresentationEye Drop
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  • NEVANAC 0.1 % Eye drop: It is a non -steroid anti -inflammatory drug.This medicine is used to reduce pain in the eyes.And helps to cut down the effect of any swelling area of the eye.

    USES OF NEVANAC 0.1 % EYE DROP: NEVANAC 0.1 % Eye drop is used to get rid of inflammation; redness and swelling in eyes.It is used in reducing the eye pain. It is used after the cataract surgery for reducing the swelling. 

    NEVANAC 0.1 % EYE DROP - COMPOSITION AND INGREDIENTS:  NEVANAC 0.1 % Eye drop consist of qualitative compositions that contains suspension of Nepafenac.Each ml of this eye drop contains 0.05 % of benzalkonium chloride. 

    HOW TO USE NEVANAC 0.1 % EYE DROP : It should be used as prescribed and advised by the doctors.One should check the label for directions before using it.Hold the dropper keenly, squeeze the dropper gently and then place the medicine inside your lower eyelid. Do not use it after the four weeks of opening the bottle.
    HOW NEVANAC 0.1 % EYE DROP WORKS: It is non - steroidal anti - inflammatory drugs and it works by blocking certain natural substance, such as prostaglandins in the body; which is responsible of swelling and pain.It works in the treatment of irritation, pain, redness and inflammation associated with cataract surgery. 

    NEVANAC 0.1 % EYE DROP SIDE EFFECTS : -Dry and sticky feeling in the eye Redness in eye ,Stuffy nose,Itching in eye ,Watering of the eye,Headache ,Nausea Vomiting,Increased sensitivity to light Swollen eyelids Severe eye pain As this is a high inflammatory drug or medicine it tends to give some abrupt reaction in your body and may show some side effects in your body. If your body tends to show some above mentioned problems, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.