Nevanac 0.1% Eye Drop

Nevanac 0.1% Eye Drop

NEVANAC 0.1 % Eye drop: It is a non -steroid anti-inflammatory drug. This medicine is used to reduce pain in the eyes. And helps to cut down the effect of any swelling area of the eye.

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Brand NameNevanac
Generic NameNepafenac Opthalmic solution
ManufacturerAlcon Labs
PresentationEye Drop
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  • NEVANAC 0.1 % Eye drop

    Nevanac 0.1% is an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) that helps reduce pain and infection in the eyes. The eye drop is used to reduce swelling and pain caused post cataract surgery.


    Avoid using the eye drops if

    • If you are allergic to the medicine nepafenac
    • Tell your doctor if you are allergic to any other eye drops before you start using Nevanac.
    • Tell your doctor if you are diabetic or have arthritis
    • Inform your doctor if you have a blood disorder, eye syndrome, etc
    • Avoid using Nevanac for not more than 14 days after surgery unless the doctor asks you to.
    • Avoid using the eye drops while using contact lenses
    • After using this eye drop wait for at least 15 minutes before wearing contact lenses.
    • Avoid touching the eye dropper’s tip. Avoid putting the tip directly on the eye. An infected dropped can pass the infection to the eye which can cause vision problems.
    • If you are consuming any other medicines/ or using different eye drops. It includes medicines available without a prescription and herbal or other medicines.

    Side effects of NEVANAC 0.1 % Eye drop

    Seek medical help immediately if you notice any signs of allergies to Nevanac. These signs can be breathing problems, hives, swelling on the throat, tongue, face, or lips.

    Contact your doctor immediately if you face

    • vision problems
    • crusting/drainage of eyes
    • increased eye pain.
    • swollen eyelids

    Common side effects of the eye drop

     The common side effects of using the eye drops are

    • Redness in eyes
    • Dry/sticky feeling in the eye
    • Headache
    • Eye redness
    • watering/itching of the eye
    • more sensitivity to light
    • Stuffy nose
    • Nausea
    • Vomiting

    Usage of Nevanac 0.1 % Eye drop

    Use the eye drop as per the doctor’s prescription. Make sure you follow the direction mentioned on the prescription label given by the doctor. Avoid using the medicine in lesser or larger amounts than prescribed.

    Remove your contact lenses while using the medication. Wash your hands thoroughly before you apply the eye drops. Shake the eye drop bottle well before using it.

    Storage of Nevanac 0.1 % Eye drop

    Store the eye drop at room temperature. Avoid its exposure to heat and moisture. Avoid keeping it in the freezer. Seal the eye drop bottle properly each time you use it.

    Once you open the eye drop bottle, keep it for 4 weeks only. Do not apply the eye drops for more than 4 weeks. This helps avoid eye infections.

    Missed dose of Nevanac 0.1 % Eye drop

    You can apply the missed dose immediately after you remember. If your next scheduled dose timing clash with the missed dose, skip your missed dose. Avoid taking an extra dose to cover up for the missed dose.


    Overdose of Nevanac 0.1 % Eye drop

    For overdose, seek medical help immediately to avoid the possible side effects.



    No interaction with alcohol was found in the eye drops


    Make sure you speak to the doctor before taking the eye drops during pregnancy. Well, there are still no studies found in humans that can determine the safety of this medicine in pregnancy. So, consult your physician to find out the benefits and risks associated with the medicine.


    There is no evidence available to state whether the use of eye drops is advisable for breastfeeding women or not. Hence, discuss with the doctor.


    The eye drops can lead to blurred vision for some time, so do not drive until blurred vision goes away.


    No interaction established


    No interaction found

    Nevanac 0.1 % Eye drop can make your eyes more sensitive to sunlight than in normal cases. So, try to avoid exposure to sunlight or avoid using sunbeds while you are applying these drops.

    If you are using contact lenses, the doctor may ask you to use normal glasses for a specific period post cataract surgery. It is to help your eyes recover faster after the surgery.


    Q-Is it safe to use Nevanac Ophthalmic suspension with contact lenses?

    No. You should not wear a contact lens while using eye drops.

    Q-Can I apply eye drops frequently?

    You should use the eye drop frequently as suggested by your eye specialist.

    Q-What are the uses of eye drops(Nevanac Ophthalmic suspension)?

    The eye drops are used to treat infection and pain that is likely to occur after cataract surgery.

    Q-How long do I need to use the eye drops?

    Use the eye drops as recommended by your eye specialist. It is normally used for nearly 2 weeks post-eye surgery. Do not continue to use the eye drops after the suggested duration.

    Q-Is the eye drop helpful to treat dry eyes?

    Avoid using eye drops for dry eyes. It is used to reduce eye pain, redness, and irritation that arise post cataract eye surgery. Do not use any eye drops without the doctor’s permission.

    Certainly, eyes are sensitive organs so do not take risk of using any drops without consulting your doctor. It can result in weak or impaired vision or even blindness.