Eye 2 Eye ( Under Eye Cream) 40 gm

Eye 2 Eye ( Under Eye Cream) 40 gm

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Brand NameHerbal eye cream
Generic NameHerbal eye cream
ManufacturerNature Essence
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  • EYE 2 EYE(UNDER EYE CREAM) : Eye 2 Eye(Under Eye Cream)  is an innovative serum which helps you to get back that twinkle in your eyes by making dark circles disappear or reducing them to a large extent.This a boon for eliminating dark circles which are associated with stress or environmental factor and aging.It also works on dryness and under - eye puffiness.

    Composition:The ingredients are the amalgamation of ancient culture components and modern - day science.The primary constituents of an Eye 2 Eye(Under Eye Cream) 40 gm are - potato extracts,geranium oil, and sesame seeds.These ingredients assist sensitive eye skin area by boosting collagen development to heal the skin and reduce the appearance of unsightly scars and marks.

    How does it work: All the ingredients of an Eye 2 Eye(Under Eye Cream) 40 gm combines and act together to give a tough fight to fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.The geranium oil and potato extracts mainly work in minimizing scars and other spots and boosting up blood circulation for healthier and radiant skin.This cream also helps dry skin people to keep the skin well - moisturized under their eyes and combat with the swelling around or under the eyes.

    How to use this : Eye 2 Eye(Under Eye Cream) 40 gm is a simple product to use.Massage your eye area for at least 5 minutes during the night and leave it for overnight or you can wipe it off after 30 minutes.

    Side Effects: An Eye 2 Eye(Under Eye Cream) 40 gm is a non - greasy herbal preparation without any adverse effects on your eye skin area.The only side - effect one can expect is that in some cases, this cream might not work and that can be due to several factors like - your lifestyle, eating routine stress etc.

    Precautions and Warning: If you are suffering from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or you have scratched or injured skin around your eye, avoid its usage.Do not use toner, scrub or any other fairness cream while using an Eye 2 Eye(Under Eye Cream) 40 gm.