Combigan eye drops are a medicine that can be taken only with a prescription. The eye drops are used to treat the added pressure built in the eyes (ocular hypertension) & glaucoma.

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Brand NameCombigan
Generic NameTimolol / Brimonidine
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    Combigan eye drops are a medicine that can be taken only with a prescription. The eye drops are used to treat the added pressure built in the eyes (ocular hypertension) & glaucoma. It reduces the fluid pressure present in the eye which decreases the elevated eye pressure.

    The eye drops should be used as per the recommendation of the doctor. The doctor will also tell you the duration for which the eye drops should be used.

    Clean your hands before using eye drops. Read the label carefully to know about directions for correct usage. Ensure that the doses are not skipped and complete the entire course even if you think you are feeling better in the middle of the course.


    Uses of Combigan eye drops

    How to use the eye drops (Combigan)?

    The medicine should be used for external purposes only.  Follow the directions of your physician for the correct dose & duration of the medicine.

    The label that comes with the medicine will help you know the directions. So, check the medicine label to know how to use it correctly.

    Bring the eye dropper close to your eye. The dropper should touch the eye. Squeeze the eye dropper slowly and put the drop inside your lower eyelid. If extra liquid spills around the eyes, wipe it off using a tissue.


    What if you missed a dose of the eye drop (Combigan)?

    If you forget to take a dose of eye drops, skip that dose and go ahead with the normal schedule. Do not apply a double dose.

    To gain maximum benefits of this medicine, use it regularly. It is better to use the medicine at the same time every day. Complete the course even if you think you are fine.

    Side effects of eye drops

    • Eye redness
    • Irritation
    • Burning sensation
    • Eye itching
    • Vision disturbances


    Drug-Disease Interaction

    Combigan eye drops may interact with different diseases like

    • Severe chronic obstructive bronchitis
    • Low heart rate
    • Heart failure
    • Hear beat disorder
    • Bronchial Asthma


    Connect with your physician if

    • You notice an allergic reaction.
    • You have respiratory, heart, hyperthyroid, and diabetes
    • You face dry eyes or loss of vision
    • You have surgery scheduled
    • You use contact lenses.
    • Do not use this eye drop for children under 2 years.


    Safety Advice



     Communicate with your physicians if you are pregnant. The physician will help you learn about the risks and benefits of the medicine.



     The interaction of alcohol with this eye drop is not yet known. So, speak to the physician in case you have any doubts.



    Combigan eye drops consist of timolol and it may transmit into breastmilk. So, talk to your doctor before you use this eye drop while breastfeeding. The doctor will be the right person to tell you whether to use the eye drops or not while breastfeeding.



    This eye drop can lead to blurred or abnormal vision, drowsiness, or tiredness. So, do not drive or use machinery until the vision is clear.



    Have a word with your doctor if you have any kidney diseases before you use this eye drop.



    Converse your physician if you are having liver diseases and have doubts about using this medicine.


    If you want to stop this medicine, consult your doctor first. Do not decide to stop using it on your own. Since, a doctor has prescribed the right dose and duration that will treat your condition properly, if you discontinue without asking your doctor you may not get the desired results. Also, communicate with your doctor if you face any issues while applying this eye drop.


    Frequently asked questions 

    Q-Does the eye drop cause a disturbance in vision?

    Using Combigan eye drops may cause disturbed vision or blurred vision. Hence, do not operate heavy machinery or drive until the blurred vision goes off completely.

    Q-Can I wear contact lenses while applying this eye drop?

    This eye drop comprises benzalkonium chloride. This element can cause discoloration in contact lenses. So, do not wear them while applying this eye drop. While applying remove the contact lenses and wear them back only after 15 minutes of applying this eye drop.

    Q-I and suffering from a blood pressure problem. Can I use this eye drop?

     Discuss with your healthcare provider before you apply this eye drop if you are suffering from blood pressure. You need to check your blood pressure levels regularly while you are using this eye drop to avoid any hassles.

     Q-I am having diabetes can I use this eye drop?

    As a diabetic patient, you should have a word with your physician before using this eye drop. As this eye drop consists of timolol, it can reduce blood glucose levels and may hide the signs of low blood sugar levels. So, it is advised that blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly while using this eye drop.