Lotepred Eye drop

Lotepred Eye drop

Lotepred Eye Drop is very effective to get relief from itchiness and swelling in the eyes. It prevent redness, watering eyes problems, and swelling in the eyes.

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Brand NameLotemax
Generic NameLoteprednol
ManufacturerSun Pharma
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  • What is Lotepred Eye-Drop 5ml?

    Lotepred Eye-Drop 5ml is very useful to prevent redness, watering eyes problems, and swelling in the eyes. People who face extreme itchiness and soreness in the eyes can prevent this by applying this Eye-Drop. Lotepred is easily available in the medical stores nearby. Keep in mind to consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Never take it with a consultation. There are substances in the medicine which when released into the body, reduce inflammation. The Eye-Drop is placed in the group of steroids that resolves the issue of allergies because of inflammation.

    This eye drop eases redness and inflammation. It is very effective to get relief from itchiness and swelling in the eyes. Be mindful of washing your hands before applying this medicine to your eye. Remove the contact lenses if you are wearing them. After that, wait for 15 minutes if you want to put back the lenses. It provides a significant amount of relief to redness in all cases from mild to severe. Though, it is only for people who are 18 years and above.

    When the bottle of the Eye-Drop breaks from the seal. Then you are advised not to use it, since it can be harmful and the product could be damaged. If your doctor has prescribed it, you shouldn't stop or discontinue it without the doctor's consultation. It could worsen the case. Mild redness and itchiness might increase if you suddenly stop taking the dose. The infection could also make your eyes swell more and red if medicines are not applied for the stipulated time. The infection increases more bacteria that causes inflammation to burn sensation, watery eyes, and eye irritation that brings back the infection. However, this condition is temporary and gets resolved only with time.

    Uses of Eye-Drop

    It is prescribed specially for the to get relief from redness and inflammation. You can get inflammation or redness in the eye due to an infection or allergy. When symptoms like watering of eyes or itching and constant redness. This medicine reduces inflammation by preventing the release of certain chemicals in the eyes.

    How to Use Lotepred Eye-Drop 5ml

    The eye drops are for external use. Always use it on the advice of a doctor. Check the label before using the medicine. Get a good grip on the bottle while pouring it in the eye without touching it. Now gently squeeze the eyedropper and pour the medicine into the lower eyelids for better results. Once you place this medicine in your eyes. Sometimes a little more medicine comes out of the dropper. You can clean it with a clean cloth or wipes. If you have irritation or swelling in the eyes. After putting this medicine it becomes easy for you to carry out daily activities.

    Side effects of Eye-Drop

    There are no serious side effects that require medical attention, and the body adjusts to the medicine soon enough. But even if you feel uncomfortable and some unusual symptoms persist you, can consult your doctor. However, there are common side effects of Eye-Drop. Some of them are Eye irritation, burning sensation for longer times, and watery eyes.

    Substitution of Lotepred Eye-Drop 5ml

    This medicine (eye drop) has further substitution as well. You can use:

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    2. Lotesol 5 Eye Drop
    3. Etapred Ophthalmic Suspension
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    Safety Advice

    Can pregnant women use we use Eye-Drop?

    It is not advisable to use Eye-Drop during pregnancy. Your doctor can tell you more about this concern by weighing the benefits and side effects of the Letopred Eye-Drop 5ml.

    Can breastfeeding women use Eye-Drop 5ml?

    It is safe to use Eye-Drop 5ml if you are a breastfeeding woman. However, there is only some amount of research on this topic. If you find more medicine spiller around your eye you can clean it with the tissue.

    Is it safe to drive while using Eye-Drop 5ml?

    After applying for this medicine, your vision becomes blurry for some time. 

    Is it safe to use Eye-Drop while consuming alcohol?

    No research or interaction found yet.