Lotepred - Eye drop 5 ml

Lotepred - Eye drop 5 ml

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Brand NameLotemax
Generic NameLoteprednol
ManufacturerSun Pharma
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  • LOTEPRED EYE DROP OF 5 ML : Lotepred - eye drop 5 ML is prescribed for the treatment of an eye pain.It works best to cure eye inflammation and symptoms which are associated with post eye surgery.

    Composition:The primary ingredient or constituent of Lotepred - eye drop is Loteprednol etabonate 5 MG.

    How does it work: This topical steroid or anti -inflammatory medicine works by preventing the release of natural substances in the eye that are responsible for redness or swelling of the eye.It acts on the surface of the eye and like other steroid medications, it does not increase eye pressure much.

    How to use this: Lotepred eye drop  5 ML is for external use only and must be used as advised by your doctor. You can also check the label for directions before using it.You are required to hold the dropper  near to your affected eye/ ear area without touching them, gently squeeze the dropper and place the dug inside the lower eyelid or ear.Wipe off the extra liquid. Do not overuse it as that might lead to glaucoma or secondary infection.Avoid skipping or  missing its dosage and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better. Consume it with food to avoid an upset stomach.The dose can be tapered over time.

    Side Effects:Some of the common side-effects which patients can experience after using Lotepred-eye drop foreign body sensation in eyes, dry eye, eye redness, eye discharge, burning sensation  around the eye area etc.

    Precautions and Warning: Pregnant women must consult a doctor before using this medicine.It is probably safe to use while breastfeeding and to reduce the amount of solution reaching breastmilk, women can wipe off the extra solution with an absorbent tissue by placing a little pressure on the corner of an eye. Avoid driving for few minutes after using this solution since that can lead to blurred vision and accidents.