Flixonase Nasal spray - 50 mcg

Flixonase Nasal spray - 50 mcg

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Brand NameFlixonase Nasal spray
Generic NameFlixonase Nasal spray
ManufacturerCipla Ltd
PresentationNasal spray
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    Flixonase nasal spray-50 Mcg falls into the class of drugs known as glucocorticoids/steroids and is prescribed for the treatment of allergic reactions, skin disorders, asthma, oral lichen planus etc.


    Each metered dose of Flixonase nasal spray contains 50 micrograms of fluticasone propionate and Benzalkonium Chloride as an inactive ingredient.

    How does it work:

    Flixonase nasal spray works by inhibiting the release of the natural substance in the body that is mainly responsible for causing allergies and inflammations. Fluticasone helps in reducing inflammation in the nasal passages and can help decrease symptoms such as the stuffy nose.

    How to use this

    Insert the Flixonase nasal spray bottle tip into one nostril while closing the other nostril and direct the spray towards the sides of the nostril avoiding cartilage(diving the two sides of your nose). Breath smoothly and slowly while keeping the head upright.Repeat in another nostril. if symptoms recur the dosage may be increased accordingly or consult with your health specialist /pharmacist before using high-dosage.

    Side Effects:

    Some common side effects of Flixonase nasal spray are- mood changes, weight gain, extreme tiredness, restlessness, injection site reactions-swelling, redness, swelling of feet/ankles, increased urination/thirst, allergic reactions like-wheezing, swelling of face/throat/tongue, itching, severe dizziness, etc. Some serious side-effects are- white patches in your nose/mouth, pain/sores in your nose etc.

    Precautions and Warning:

    You must inform your doctor if:-

    You are allergic to fluticasone or other inactive ingredients present in it.
    You have a medical history of- nose ulcers/surgery, cataracts, glaucoma, herpes eye
    infection, tuberculosis, liver/kidney disease etc.
    You are using herbal or any other medications.
    You are pregnant or breastfeeding
    Ritonavir can greatly increase the concentration of fluticasone propionate in plasma.Therefore,
    concomitant use should be avoided, unless the potential benefit to the patient outweighs the risk
    of systemic corticosteroid side effects.