Kenacort 40mg/1ml Inj

Kenacort 40mg/1ml Inj

Kenocort is one of the common medications, which has been widely to treat skin related infections on a regular basis.The injection is commonly prescribed to people with one or more skin problems from time to time

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Brand NameKenalog
Generic NameTriamcinolone
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  • Introduction

    Kenacort 40mg/1ml Injection is a synthetic steroid used for the treatment of different medical conditions. Its active ingredient ‘triamcinolone acetonide’ treats rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, allergic diseases, and also bad skin problems.

    Kenacort 40mg/1ml Inj is directly injected into your deep muscle to prevent painful tendons, muscles, or joints. It causes mild symptoms until your body starts adjusting to this medicine. If you experience any severe symptoms, inform your doctor immediately and take the best treatment.

    Uses of Kenacort 40mg/1ml Inj 

    Triamcinolone acetonide treats certain different health conditions such as:
    Ulcerative colitis
    Skin conditions
    Breathing disorders
    Allergic disorders

    It mainly treats the following conditions:
    Rheumatoid arthritis


    Formulated with active ingredients.
    Help to treat autoimmune disorders and also Osteoarthritis.
    Effective for several medical conditions.
    Normalize the functioning of your immune system.
    Prevent swelling, stiffness, pain in your joints.
    Ease movement of joints and muscles.

    Key Ingredients

    This steroid has active ingredients making it an effective solution for several medical conditions, such as severe asthma and allergies, intestinal disorders, arthritis, and more. In addition, its active components prevent some hormone production that causes inflammation.
    Every 1ml of medicine contains 40 mg of triamcinolone acetonide. It also has some inactive components such as Polysorbate 80, Sodium chloride, Water for injections, Carmellose sodium, and Benzyl alcohol.

    Side effects

    Most side effects of this corticosteroid don’t need any medical attention. When your body begins adjusting to this drug, these mild symptoms may disappear with time.
    Joint pain
    Mood changes
    Injection site reactions (swelling, pain, and redness)

    Report to your doctor immediately if you experience severe symptoms such as:
    Blurred vision
    Decrease in the amount of urine
    Mental depression
    Increased risk of infection
    Fast, slow, pounding or irregular pulse or heartbeat

    How to use

    Your health physician or medical practitioner will provide you with this medicine. Kindly do not self-administered to avoid unpleasant complications.


    Precautions are necessary if you’re suffering from:
    Stomach ulcer
    Myasthenia gravis
    Any recent infection
    Inflammation of the veins in the legs
    Brittle bones
    Recent bowel surgery
    Any history of hepatic and renal impairment
    Diabetes mellitus

    For further precautions for triamcinolone diacetate, you can take the advice of a medical specialist.

    How it works

    Kenacort 40mg/1ml contains glucocorticoid activity which blocks the production of some chemical messengers in your body. This injection also suppresses the immune system by decreasing the volume and activity of the lymphatic system.

    Safety advice

    Don’t take this steroid longer than suggested by your physician.
    Notify your doctor in case of any infection like sore throat or fever.
    Not for self-administer.
    Inform a medical specialist if severe symptoms bother you.
    Use this injection with caution if you have kidney or liver diseases. Please consult your doctor first.
    It is not defined whether Triamcinolone(Aristocort) may be safe to consume with alcohol. So inform your doctor before use.
    This corticosteroid is probably safe for breastfeeding mothers if prescribed.
    It may be unsafe to inject during pregnancy. To avoid unpleasant side effects, please take the advice of your gynecologist.
    Don’t stop using this medicine suddenly without informing your health professional.

    How Kenacort is given

    This steroid is directly injected into your affected muscle, tendon, or joint. Please don’t take it intraocularly, intravenously, intradermally into your nasal terminates. Your physician has accurate information about the way triamcinolone diacetate should be handled. So, don’t disregard medical advice.

    The conclusion is should you buy it or not

    This corticosteroid helps to prevent different medical conditions. Make an appointment with your doctor and take a prescription. Your physician will decide a proper dose and schedule for an optimal result. Buy Kenacort 40mg/1ml Injection or other alregic medicine like ciplactin pills from Vcare pharmacy at its best price. We offer genuine and high-quality medications with fast delivery services for a seamless shopping experience. Place your order with a prescription and get your medicines at your doorstep. Although, our online pharmacy strives to provide expert-reviewed and complete information on this webpage. But we don’t take responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of the content given above. Kindly consult a
    medical specialist if you have any queries or other concerns about this steroid.

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