Flutopic 10 gm

Flutopic 10 gm

Flutopic 10 gm Skin is a corticosteroid that can be applied to the skin to treat a range of skin infections.

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Brand NameFlutopic
Generic NameFluticasone Propionate Ointment
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  • Flutopic 10 gm

    Flutopic 10 gm Skin is a corticosteroid that can be applied to the skin to treat a range of skin infections. The ointment is used to get relief from skin redness, infection, itching, and a lot of other skin problems that occur due to germs.

    Do not cover the parts that are treated with dressing like a bandage unless your doctor asks you to do so. This medicine is not advisable in children less than one year.

    In case you have heart, kidney, or liver problems, inform your doctor in advance. Breastfeeding or pregnant women should also tell their doctor before applying for this medicine.



    Helps treat a range of inflammatory skin diseases


    How does Flutopic skin works?

    The ointment activates the natural substances present in the skin to ease redness, itching, and swelling skin. This ointment is for external use only. Make sure it is not exposed to the nose, mouth, or eyes. If accidentally it is exposed, then wash the area with enough water.


    How to use Flutopic Ointment

    • The ointment is made for external use
    • Follow the directions of the pharmacist or doctor to use it correctly.
    • Apply the ointment on healthy skin are which has no wounds or cuts
    • Make sure you do not forget to refer to the label/leaflet before using the medicine
    • Before and after you apply this ointment, wash your hands properly.
    • If your eyes are exposed to the ointment accidentally, rinse them with water instantly.
    • Do not use this ointment on large areas of the body for a longer period.


    Common Side effects (FLUTOPIC SKIN)

    • Itching


    How to deal with side effects?


    For Itching

    Just apply a wet, cold cloth to the skin. You can apply an ice pack too. Apply a moisturizer to the skin. You can also apply cooling agents like calamine or menthol.


    How to store & dispose of the Flutopic ointment?

    You should store this ointment at room temperature away from heat and moisture. Do not let pets or children access this medicine.





    Since this ointment is recommended for external application, there are no chances of overdose. Still, accidental consumption may happen and in such a case, get in touch with your healthcare provider immediately. In case you end up applying excessive ointment, simply wipe it out using cotton or tissue.


    Missed dose

    If you forget to apply this ointment, use it once you remember. Make sure you do not indulge in the over-application of this medicine just because you missed an application.


    Warning & Precautions



    Flutopic skin ointment is not recommended for use in pregnant women. Speak to your physician to know the benefits and risks before using it.


    This ointment should not be used in lactating mothers. So, speak to your healthcare provider before using it.

    Driving/using heavy machines

    No records are available to support the adverse effects of this cream on the ability to operate machines or drive.


    Avoid using this ointment if you have allergic reactions to fluticasone or other ingredients present in this ointment.


    Additional Information

    Inform your physician if

    • You suffer from rosacea (flushing & infection of the skin on the face) or acne vulgaris.
    • You suffer from perioral dermatitis (infected rash around your mouth)
    • If you have skin infections caused by viruses. These infections can be chickenpox or herpes simplex.
    • You suffer from genital/perianal pruritus (itching around genitals)
    • You suffer from skin ulcers or delicate skin vessels.
    • You suffer from ichthyosis (it is a skin disorder marked by dryness and scaly skin like fish).
    • One has juvenile dermatosis (skin diseases marked by infection or dermatosis in small children below 1 year which includes dermatitis & napkin eruptions.
    • You suffer from ulcerated injuries
    • You suffer from inflammatory skin lesions caused due to bacteria or fungi.


    Drug Interactions

    Inform your dermatologist if you are applying any other topical ointments.




    Q-Can I drive or use heavy machinery while using Flutopic ointment?

    There is no data available that speaks about the negative effects of this medicine on the ability to drive or use heavy machinery.


    Q-Can I apply Flutopic ointment during allergy?

    No. Avoid using this ointment if you are sensitive/allergic to fluticasone or other ingredients found in this medicine.


    Q-Is Flutopic ointment a steroid?

    Yes. It is a steroid and belongs to the group of corticosteroids.


    Q-Can I apply Flutopic on my face?

    Do not apply this ointment to the face. Also, do not use the ointment on areas inside the skin surfaces. In case you are applying this ointment on the face, make sure your eyes do not come in contact with the medicine. Also, ensure that you do not consume this medicine accidentally.

    In case you are suffering from herpes or rosacea on the face, avoid applying this medicine on the face. It can worsen skin conditions. Also, avoid using fluticasone topical cream to treat other skin conditions without talking to your skin specialist.