wysolone 5 mg

wysolone 5 mg

Wysolone 5 Tablet is a steroid. This tablet is used to treat an array of medical issues like serious allergic conditions, allergic reactions, rheumatic disorder, asthma, nephritic syndrome, and skin &eye disorders.

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  • Wysolone 5 

    Wysolone 5 Tablet is a steroid. This tablet is used to treat an array of medical issues like serious allergic conditions, allergic reactions, rheumatic disorder, asthma, nephritic syndrome, and skin &eye disorders. It overpowers the immune system and offers relief from the infection.

     This tablet should be taken with meals else it can result in an upset stomach. You can swallow the tablet with enough water.

    Get the right dose & duration with the help of your doctor. The doctor may change your dose regularly based on how well you respond to this medicine. Take this tablet regularly even if you feel better. Do not stop taking this tablet without the doctor’s consent.

    If you have any other medical issues, communicate them to your doctor. These medical issues can be weak immune systems, issues with blood circulation, etc. Also, let your physician be aware of other medicines that you are taking especially steroids.



    • Treats Allergic conditions
    • Treats serious Allergic conditions
    • Treats Rheumatic disorder
    • Treats Nephrotic syndrome
    • Treats skin disorders
    • Treats eye disorders


    Side effects

    The most common side effects of this tablet will vanish once the body adapts to the tablet. In case the symptoms are bothersome, speak to your physician

    Common side effects


    Safety Advice



    Do not take alcohol with Wysolone 5 Tablet DT as it is not safe.


    This tablet may not be safe for women to use during pregnancy. You should speak to your doctor before you use this tablet during pregnancy.


     This tablet is pretty safe for breastfeeding mothers. Studies show that the medicine doesn’t pass into the breastmilk in large amounts and hence doesn’t cause any harm to the baby.


    Do not take this tablet while driving. The medicine can disturb alertness and vision thereby making you feel dizzy. So, do not drive if you experience these symptoms.


    This tablet is safe to use in people with kidney problems. Ideally, no dose adjustments are required still consult your physician for the right dose.


    People with liver problems should use this tablet with caution. Speak to your physician to get regular monitoring of the dose.




    Q-What is the duration that should be considered to take this tablet?

    The duration of taking this tablet is decided by the doctor. So, follow the directions of your doctor. Do not discontinue the tablet in the middle of the prescribed duration.

    Q-Does Wysolone 5 Tablet DT consist of penicillin?

    No. this tablet doesn’t comprise penicillin.

    Q-Is there an expiry date for this tablet?

    Yes, this tablet comes with an expiry date. You can check out the expiry date on its pack. If the medicine is expired dispose it carefully.

    Q-Is this tablet a painkiller?

    No, the tablet is not a painkiller. It is part of a group of medicines known as steroids. They are anti-inflammatory and offer pain relief that arises due to infection.

    Q-Is this tablet safe?

    This tablet is safe when used as per the dose & duration prescribed by the physician. Just follow the direction of the physician and do not skip the dose. Speak to the physician if any side effects trouble you.

    Q-Can this tablet be taken with antibiotics?

    Some antibiotics can boost the metabolism of this tablet and reduce its effects. So, if you are on antibiotics, you may need to adjust the dose of this tablet (Wysolone). Check with your doctor for the right dose of this tablet to be taken with antibiotics.

    Q-Can I take this tablet with paracetamol?

    Yes, you can take this tablet with paracetamol. There are no reports of interactions of a drug with a drug when taken together. Still, at times the interactions can happen. Hence, seek advice from your physician before you take both these medicines together.

    Q-Can this tablet result in an upset stomach?

    Yes, this tablet can result in an upset stomach. Hence, you should take it with food to prevent an upset stomach.

    Q-What are the things I need to avoid while taking this tablet?

    While taking this tablet, do not get a vaccine. For example, measles, chickenpox, mumps, and measles. This is because the vaccine will not be effective and you can get the disease again.

    Q-Can I take this tablet daily?

    Based on the severity of your condition, the doctor may prescribe the daily dose for a certain duration. Well, do not consume this tablet without the advice of your physician.

    WYSOLONE 5MG needs to be used with caution in children under the age of 18 years. Speak to your healthcare provider before you start taking the tablet. Also, this tablet needs to be used with caution in old people above 65 years. Please seek advice from the doctor before taking this tablet.