Ciplactin Pills 4mg

Ciplactin Pills 4mg

Ciplactin 4mg Pill is an antihistamine tablet used to treat appetite stimulant, Seasonal and perennial allergies, Vasomotor rhinitis. its generic name is Periactin, and contains Cyproheptadine as an active ingredient.

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Brand NamePeriactin          
Generic NameCyproheptadine
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  • Ciplactin falls into the category of anti-serotonin and anti-allergic medicines. It can treat the symptoms of allergies like watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing, or itching. The ingredients in the medicine will help you to treat skin diseases like urticaria. The condition often occurs when skin rashes occur due to drugs or food. Doctors even recommend the tablet to patients suffering from angioedema. Though it is painless skin swelling, it can cause uneasiness in the body. Before you start the medicine, make sure you discuss your medical history with the doctor. It will help you to avoid the side effects that might arise due to drug interaction.

    Uses Of Ciplactin 4Mg

    Ciplactin 4 mg pills are useful in treating serious allergic conditions. Generally, the condition occurs due to the invasion of foreign particles. In this attack, the body releases a chemical called histamine that causes plenty of reactions. It can lead to redness, inflammation, a watery nose, swelling, and more. The active ingredient, Cyproheptadine, present in the pill works by inhibiting the growth of histamine. This way it protects you from allergic conditions and keeps you healthy. If you are suffering from appetite loss, doctors can recommend the Ciplactin 4 mg pills. Therefore the appetite-stimulating effects of the medicine will help you to treat your condition. Below is the list of conditions that Ciplactin 4 mg can treat.

    • Reduce the symptoms of seasonal nose allergies such as itchy nose and sneezing
    • Inhibit the allergic symptoms like conjunctivitis, teary eyes, itching, and more
    • Treat skin disease called dermographism in which slight scratching can cause a red line
    • Also act as an appetite-stimulant that treats appetite loss

    Even if you feel that Ciplactin can treat your condition, seeking expert advice is vital. Your doctor can help you with the right dose and duration of the medicine. It will help you to treat your skin diseases without any potential side effects.

    How Does Ciplactin 4mg Pill Work In Your Body?

    Ciplactin tablets work by blocking the chemical messenger in the body. Histamine released during the allergic reaction is inhibited by the tablet. The active ingredient works to ensure that there is no extra production of histamine. To get positive results from the tablet, follow the instructions of your doctor. If you are older than 60 years, it's vital to schedule a health checkup before starting the medicine. It will help you to treat the condition and keep yourself healthy. Take the same dose as your doctor says to avoid the retrieval of symptoms.

    How To Use The Ciplactin Pills?

    Before you start the medicine, your doctor should analyze your health history. They will adjust the dosage as per your needs to ensure there are no side effects. Plus, your doctor will keep your current medications in mind while prescribing. Certain medicines can react with one another, leading to serious issues. Below are a few vital things that you must know while taking the medicine.

    • Take the medicine with or without food and with 1 glass of water
    • Keep your doctor's advice in mind while consuming the medicine
    • Take the pill as a whole without cutting, chewing, or breaking it
    • Also Fix a time for the pill and consume it regularly at the same time

    Storage Of The Medicine

    • Keep the medicine in a dry and clean place to protect it from moisture
    • Avoid direct heat and sunlight and try to maintain 25°C
    • Keep kids and pets away from reaching the medicine

    Side Effects Of The Medicine

    Every medicine shows some side effects that vary from one person to another. Similarly, Ciplactin 4 mg shows different side effects in different persons. However, not all the side effects are severe. Many side effects will go on their own without medical help. In case your pain increases, you can rush to your doctor. Listed below are the most common side effects that Ciplactin 4 mg users suffer.

    • Dry mouth, fever
    • Skin rash, itching
    • Nausea, vomiting
    • Diarrhea, constipation
    • Headache, dizziness
    • Fatigue, sleepiness

    In-depth Warnings and Precautions Of Ciplactin 4Mg

    Listed here are a few in-depth warnings and precautions about the pill.

    • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, you need to consult your doctor before starting the medicine. They can analyze the health condition to see if the tablet works positively.
    • Breastfeeding: The medicine can pass through the milk. This is why it can affect the health of the newborn to a large extent. Patients should consult their doctor if they are breastfeeding mothers. Your doctor can decide whether you should discontinue
      breastfeeding or medicine.
    • Driving: Pill can cause dizziness and drowsiness in individuals. You might feel sleepy after consuming the medicine. This is why patients should not drive if they do not feel well.
    • Alcohol: Do not use medicine with alcohol as it can lead to serious negative effects.
    • voiding using Ciplactin pill, if you have used MAO inhibitors medicines like;-

    Other General Warnings

    Do not consume the medicine if you have;-

    • Heart diseases
    • High blood pressure
    • Bronchial asthma
    • High level of thyroid hormones
    • Increased eye pressure
    • Stomach, intestine, or kidney problems
    • Trouble in urinating due to enlarged prostate gland

    Patients with age more than 60 years should avoid the medicine. If, in case, you wish to consume the medicine, seek medical advice. Similarly, young children should not consume medicine.

    Diet and Lifestyle Changes

    • Keep your hands clean with water and soap to avoid spreading the germs
    • Include the food items in your diet that are rich in good bacteria like yogurt
    • Try to include plenty of fluids and other liquids to avoid body dehydration
    • If you have a sore throat, try to gargle using the saltwater

    Right Dosage Of Ciplactin 4Mg Tablets

    Consume the medicine in the same dose as your doctor says. Overdose and missed doses can lead to serious effects like dizziness or drowsiness. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you consume an overdose or a missed dose.


    Excess to Ciplactin can lead to serious side effects like;-

    • Sleepiness, dizziness
    • Confusion, restlessness
    • Excitation, nervousness
    • Shaking, fits, hallucinations
    • Dry mouth, fixed or widened pupils
    • Redness, nausea, vomiting
    • Diarrhea, constipation
    • Trouble breathing
    • Heart failure in newborn or young babies

    If you experience any of these symptoms, rush for medical help immediately. A doctor can help you reduce the effects of the overdose. They will ensure that all the extra medicine is removed from your body.

    Missed Dose

    Missing one dose of Ciplactin 4 mg can lead to treatment failure. This is why you should not miss a dose. In case you miss it, consume it as soon as you remember. Before consuming the medicine, analyze the time gap between both doses. If there is enough time gap, you can
    consume your missed dose. But if not, skip one dose and continue the cycle.


    Ciplactin 4 mg pills are safe for use until and unless you follow instructions. Keeping your medical history in mind will help you to use the medicine for positive results. You must monitor your health when you start the medicine. In case there are negative effects, you should stop the medicine immediately. Your next step is to reach for professional help to get medical help. This way you can treat your allergies and skin diseases by using the medicine.