Voveran Gel

Voveran Gel

Voveron gel is topical gel that works to treat severe pain and inflammation. Voveron gel has diclofenac sodium as an active ingredient.

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Brand NameVoltaren Gel
Generic NameDiclofenac Gel BP
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  • Voveran

    Voveran Gel comes under the group of medicine described as NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). It works to relieve the pain. The primary work of this gel is to reduce inflammation and pain. It works to relieve the pain in joints, especially the hands, keens, elbow, and ankles.  Pain is a type of sensation full of emotional experiences associated with tissue damage. This gel works by blocking the enzyme called cyclooxygenase(COX). Cyclooxygenase produces prostaglandins that are responsible for pain and sensation. Thus easing the pain. It also prevents further tissue damage.

    Voveran gel is helpful to treat pains and aches, along with joint pain issues and problems of musculoskeletal. It also works in the conditions of muscle pain, acute migraine headache, rheumatoid arthritis, dental pain, ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, etc. This gel is considered safe to use. However, you should not use the ointment without a doctor's prescription.

    Some people may experience a few adverse effects trauma of to tendons. However, most of the effects are mild and do not need a doctor's attention. These symptoms go away in a few days. If any bad effects stay longer, consult a doctor.

    It is a non-sticky gel that you can massage over the skin gently. Adults and children over 14 years of age can use it for mild to moderate muscle pains. You can apply it 3-4 times a day or as directed by your doctor. Avoid the use of the gel during early pregnancy as it can harm the child's health. Do not apply it on cuts or open wounds.

    The key ingredient in Voveran Gel 

    • Diclofenac sodium

    Uses of Voveran Gel 

    The primary use of this gel is to reduce inflammation and pain. It works to treat issues like;-

    • localized forms of soft tissue rheumatism
    • osteoarthritis of superficial joints like the knee
    • trauma of tendons
    • ligaments
    • Muscles and joints

    Side effects 

    This gel may cause some allergic reactions on the skin. However, these reactions are mild and go away soon. Some of the most common allergies are itching, redness on the skin, and rash the skin although not everyone notices it. However, you can manage some side effects just by avoiding a few things. You can avoid a hot water shower because hot water can trigger skin irritation. Also, avoid scratching the skin. Keep your skin dry as much as possible. If any symptoms stay longer talk to your doctor.

    Safety advice

    • The gel is only for external use so do not eat it.
    • Use the gel as your health doctor has advised you.
    • Use it 3-4 times daily and rub it nicely onto your skin.
    • Avoid the gel coming in contact with your eyes and accidentally going into your eyes rinse it with water.
    • Do not use Voveran gel on open wounds or cuts. Because it can harm your inner skin.
    • After applying the gel leave the skin open and do not cover it.
    • Also avoid using it if you have any allergy to diclofenac.
    • You are allowed to use it if you are below 14 years of age.


    • Keep it out of Children's reach
    • Store it at room temperature.
    • Also product from direct sun 


    Q-How to apply Voveran gel?

    Apply it 3-4 times daily on your skin in layers and rub it softly. Also do not cover the skin after applying it.

    Q-Is it safe to apply to children?

    No, if the child is below 14 years of age do not let them apply it. Because it may affect children adversely. 

    Q-Can pregnant women use Voveran gel?

    If you are in the early stage of pregnancy then do not use this. Because it can give a negative impact on a child's health.