Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 500 mcg

Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 500 mcg

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Brand NameAdvair Diskus
Generic NameSalmeterol + Fluticasone Propionate
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  • SERETIDE DISKUS 50 mcg / 500 mcg

    Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 500 mcg prescribed in the treatment of lungs disorder, chronic disorders with respect to pulmonary glands, Asthma, bronchitis etc.It is beneficial in the management of asthma effects like; wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and many others.Salmeterol and Fluticasone help in opening - up the contracted tubes for hassle - free breathing.

    Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 500 mcg is composed of two main ingredients Salmeterol Xinafoate and fluticasone propionate.

    How does it work:
    Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 500 mcg contains Salbutamol which is responsible for triggering beta 2 receptors to make all airways muscles(from the trachea to terminal bronchioles) free from conjunction.This drug keeps production of inflammatory cells in check.Constricted bronchioles get released and a person can breathe easily. 

    How to use this:
    After considering the severity of your disease appropriate dosage is recommended by the doctor.Do not alter the dose by yourself and follow the instructions given by your health specialist.Do not consume it once it ’s expired or over-use it since over-using can have side-effects like; Hypotension, Nausea, and Edema etc. if you miss any dose, take next dose on time and do not double up the dose to compensate for the missed one.

    Side Effects:
    Some major and minor side - effects one can experience are - restlessness, nausea, nose bleeding, sweating, dizziness, weakness, mild tremors, palpitation, hypotension, urticaria, edema etc.

    Precautions and Warning:
    if you are allergic to Salmeterol Xinafoate and fluticasone propionate ingredients, avoid this medicine.People who suffer from Myocardial insufficiency, have any past medical records of heart disorders or one who is pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid Seretide Diskus - 50 mcg / 500 mcg or consult with a proper certified medical practitioner