Foracort 6+400mcg Inhaler

Foracort 6+400mcg Inhaler

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Brand NameSymbicort
Generic NameFormoterol+Budesonide
ManufacturerCipla Ltd.
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  • Foracort 6+400mcg Inhaler

    The environmental changes around the world affects a human body.The human body thus gets exposed to various diseases or disorder such as allergies or breathing problems. The FORACORT inhaler works by preventing and suppressing the release of various chemicals.It thus results in inflammation and it is a combination of two medicines.


    FORACORT inhaler  is used in the treatment of asthma, allergy symptoms, severe allergic reactions, skin disorders and disorders related with eyes.It is used for the shortness of breath, lung disease, coughing and also for the other purposes not given in the list.


    FARACORT inhaler is a combination of two medicines namely budesonide and formoterol.It is also the combination of two bronchodilators.


    Before using the inhaler check the label and directions printed on it. Shake the inhaler well before using it.While you inhale the inhaler, press down the inhaler one time to release the medicine and hold your breath for almost nine to ten seconds.Repeat the process several times.


    The FORACORT inhaler works by suppressing the release of various chemicals which results in inflammation and infections.It works for the widening and opening the airways of the lungs.


    Some of the side effects of FORACORT inhaler

    – Blurred vision

    – Electrolyte imbalance

    – Reddening of eyes

    – Eye pain

    – Muscle disorders

    – Altered bone growth

    – Myalgia

    – cataract

    – accumulation of body fat

    – Retention

    – Behavioral changes

    – Increased risk of infection

    – Musculoskeletal pain

    – Increased heart rate.

    The consumption of these medicine leads to side effects in the body due to abrupt reactions in the body. It depends from body to body of a person.If you see the above side affects you should surely consult a doctor.