Mintop - 2% (60 ml)

Mintop - 2% (60 ml)

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Brand NameRogaine
Generic NameMinoxidil
ManufacturerDr. Reddy,.
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  • MINTOP  2% (60 ML): The mintop lotion is a popular product, which provided the maximum amount of performance in a quick span of time.It is highly recommended for every patient to contact a doctor before taking the medication because it plays a major role for people to find better results effectively.Mintop lotion is antihypertensive, which is widely used to promote hair growth effectively.The lotion requires a span of 3 to 4 months in order to find results in an easy way.

    Composition : The important component of the medication is minoxidil, which allows people to grow hair effectively.The composition plays a major role for people because it helps them to have a fair idea about the medication from time to time.

    How does it work: The lotion is highly powerful for people to treat hair growth problems in an effective way.It is highly recommended for people to check and compare various lotions on the market to find the maximum amount of benefits in an easy way. The lotion needs to be applied for a span of 3 to 4 months based on the doctor's requirement because it helps people to take better results in a quick span of time

    Side effects
    Hypertension The medication has some of the powerful components, which may result in hypertension in various cases from time to time.
    Eye irritation The minoxidil is one of the primary components, which is powerful to cause a huge amount of eye irritation in an effective way.

    Precautions and Warning
    The medication is not recommended for pregnant women because the components in the medication can cause a huge amount of adverse effects from time to time. It is highly discouraged for people to avoid using alcohol during the course in order to enjoy better results in an effective way.