Finpecia 1 mg

Finpecia 1 mg

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Brand NamePropecia
Generic NameFinasteride
ManufacturerCipla Ltd.
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  • Finpecia 1MG
    Finpecia is a powerful medication, which is highly used to treat hair loss problems in men from time to time.The medication is widely recommended only for men because the powerful components.The medicine is suggested for men in order to treat ejaculation problems in a regular basis.

    The important component of the medication is Finasteride, which has sufficient power to increase the growth of the hair in a quick span of time.It is highly recommended for people to take the medication with doctor's advice in order to avoid any kind of side effects in an effective way.

    How does it work
    The product is manufactured by CIPLA with necessary components, which helps people to increase the hair growth from the roots in an effective way.The medication offers a powerful effect on the people to enjoy better results in a quick span of time.

    Side effects
    Rapid or quick weight gain -An unusual and a quick weight gain displays or hint the individual to contact a doctor. The finpecia is one of the important medications, which can put up weight on the body in a quick span of time.

    Running nose 
    Running nose may be one of the common problems faced by a lot of individuals, but it is not recommended to ignore the side effect from time to time.It is highly recommended for people to contact a doctor while experiencing a side effect in order to treat accordingly

    Precautions and Warning
    Do not breastfeed -
    It is necessary for people to avoid using the medication while breastfeeding the baby or while carrying because it can provide adverse effects on the baby in an effective way.It is not recommended for people to consume alcohol because of various reasons.Alcohol consumption plays a crucial role for every individual during the course of the medication.