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Brand NameDiaBeta
Generic NameGlibenclamide
ManufacturerSun Pharma
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  • GLYBOVIN 2.5MG :The glybovin 2.5MG is a quick action tablet, which is widely used to keep blood and sugar in control for a long span of time. The medication is highly recommended for type 2 diabetes because it provides efficient performance because it belongs to sulfonylureas group of medicines.

    Composition : Glibenclamide is the primary component in Glybovin, which helps people to have a better control of their sugar levels from time to time. The medicine affects can be experienced within a span of 15 to 60minutes, which is considered as a moderate time compared to its competitive medications in the market.

    How does it work:Glybovin 2.5MG tablet Increases the levels of insulin in the body, which play a vital role to keep the blood and sugar levels intact. The metformin in the medication results in lowering sugar levels, which helps insulin to work better in an effective way.

    Side effects :-

    Dark coloured urine -It is a known fact that dark coloured urine is the first caution given by the body, which needs to be brought to doctor's attention in order to treat in an effective way.

    Fast or rapid heartbeat -A rapid heartbeat experience is quite common and highly advised to meet a doctor to bring back things in shape from time to time.

    Precautions and Warning :Stay away from alcohol – It is not safe to consume alcohol while using glybovin 2.5MG tablets because alcohol can bring sugar levels up and could cause severe effects on the body in an effective way.