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Brand NameGlycomet GP 1
Generic NameMetformin + Glimepiride
ManufacturerUS Vitamin
Presentationpills (blister)
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  • GLYCOMET GP(500+1) MG :The glycomet GP is a popular medication, which has been widely used in order to keep blood sugar levels in the right proposition.The glycomet GP is a tablet, which needs to be consumed based on doctor-™ s advice in order to take maximum mileage of the medicine from time to time.

    Composition : The primary component of glycomet GP is Glimepiride 1 MG + Metformin 500 MG, which helps the sugar levels to stay in control with the help of insulin.The insulin lowers the sugar levels in the body, which helps people to enjoy the performance in an effective way.

    How does it work: The medication works by increasing the releasing of insulin through the pancreas. It is highly necessary for people to contact a doctor before taking the medication because it helps you evaluate the right amount of insulin required for the body from time to time.

    Side effects:-

    Stomach pain - As the medication is powerful enough to work on the sugar levels in the body, it is evident that people in the initial stages will end up facing stomach pain for a short span of time.

    A headache - An unusual headache may be experienced for some people and it is important to contact the doctor in order to avoid further major problems from time to time.
    Precautions and Warning

    Alcohol consumption - consumption of alcohol is strictly not advised for people while taking the medication because alcohol adds a lot of unwanted and unhealthy sugar to the body in an effective way.