Femilon (0.02+0.15)mg

Femilon (0.02+0.15)mg

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Brand NameMercilon
Generic NameEstradiol+Desofestrel
Presentationpills (blister)
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  • FEMILON 0.02 + 0.15 mg
    Femilon is an oral female contraceptive pill with a combination of Ethinyl
    Estradiol ( 0.02 mg) and Desogestrel(0.15 mg) as its active ingredients

    Femilon is primarily used by women as a birth control pill to avoid unplanned
    pregnancy.It is also used for treating problems like uterine bleeding, puberty
    delay, acne in women

    Femilon tablet works mainly by interfering in the process of ovulation by
    blocking the release of an egg from the ovary. It also makes harder for male
    sperm to enter into the female womb. It prevents pregnancy also by making a
    change in the lining of the uterus

    Femilon tablets should be used under medical supervision.Take it in the dose and
    for the time-period as per the instructions of your doctor. It is advisable to take it
    on a fix time every day. You must read the medicine label and instructions for
    using it very carefully prior to use.Swallow it as a whole.Keep it in a dry and cool
    Femilon is not considered safe for pregnant women. Lactating women should also
    ask their doctor before using it. You should explain your full medical history,
    current medications and any known allergies to such drugs before its use.Women
    suffering with liver disease should use it with caution.Consumption of alcohol is
    not considered safe with this pill.It is advisable to use other barrier methods of
    contraception in addition like condoms, etc to safeguard yourself from sexually
    transmitted diseases.
    ï‚· Irregular periods
    ï‚· Sleepiness
    ï‚· Vaginal spotting
    ï‚· Pain in breasts

    ï‚· Feeling of vomiting
    ï‚· Cramps
    ï‚· Increase in weight

    Seek medical advice if any adverse symptoms persist after using Femilon tablets.