Dronis 3+0.02mg

Dronis 3+0.02mg

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Product Codev-care
Brand NameYaz
Generic NameDrospirenone + EthinylEstradiol
ManufacturerSun Pharma
Presentationpills (blister)
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  • DROSIN 3 mg + 0.02 mg
    Drosin 3mg + 0.02 mg tablet is a combination medicine that consists of 3 mg of
    Drospirenone and 0.02 mg of Ethinyl Estradiol and is used as a contraceptive
    measure by women.
    Drosin 3 mg + 0.02 mg pill is mainly used as a birth control method by women.
    Drosin in some cases is also used in alleviating the symptoms of Premenstrual
    Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) like anxiety, joint ache, tender breasts, irritation, etc

    Drosin 3 mg + 0.02 mg helps in contraception by obstructing the ovulation process
    in women.This pill halts the fertilization of eggs by thickening the cervical mucus,
    thereby making it difficult for male sperms to reach the uterus. It also prevents a
    fertilised egg to get attached to the uterus wall.It even restricts the release of a
    female egg from ovaries

    It is highly recommended to use this medicine under medical supervision. Take it
    in the dose and duration as directed by your physician. It is better to take it every
    day on the same time prior to the completion of 24 hours of your previous dose.
    It is good to take it with food. In case of a missed dose, ask your doctor about how
    to make up for it


    Before using Drosin 3 mg + 0.02 mg inform your doctor about your full medical
    history, medications and any known allergies to such or other drugs. Women past
    35 years of age, lactating mothers, women with kidney or heart issues should
    refrain from using it. Alcohol consumption and smoking is considered potentially
    unsafe with this medicine.Read the medicine label and instructions carefully
    before use.
    ï‚· Nausea
    ï‚· Bloating
    ï‚· Headache

    ï‚· Vaginal spotting
    ï‚· Fainting
    ï‚· Vision problems

    If you experience any of the above or other adverse symptoms, seek medical advice