Dorzox T 5ml Eye Drop

Dorzox T 5ml Eye Drop

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Brand NameCosopt
Generic NameDorzolamide Hydrochloride-Timdol Maleate
PresentationEye Drops
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  • DORZOX T 5ML EYE DROP : Dorzox T 5ML Eye Drop is prescribed in the treatment of ocular hypertension and glaucoma.

    Composition: Dorzox T 5ML Eye Drop is composed of two primary ingredients: Dorzolamide (topical) hydrochloride 2 %W/V+Timolol maleate 0.5 %W/V.

    How does it work: Dorzolamide (it is a topical carbonic anhydrase inhibitor) and Timolol(beta blocker.) work together to decrease the production of fluid in the eye or aqueous humor and results in lowering the increased eye pressure.

    How to use this:This drug is for external use only and one must use it as advised by his/her doctor or you can also read the instructions mentioned on the label.It is available in the form of a spray or solution.You are required to hold the dropper close to the eye or ear without touching them and gently squeeze the dropper to place the medicine inside the lower ear or eyelid.Clean the extra liquid.

    Side Effects: Some of the major and minor side-effects of Dorzox T 5ML Eye Drop are- redness of the eye, Urolithiasis, Iridocyclitis, Lachrymation burning sensation, Rhinitis Itching, Corneal edema, Crusting, Transient myopia, Paraesthesia, Superficial punctate keratitis, Asthenia Conjunctivitis stinging sensation, blurred vision, Iridocyclitis altered taste etc.

    Precautions and Warning: Pregnant women must consult the doctor before using Dorzox T 5ML Eye Drop since adverse effects on the fetus had been found in animal studies and there are limited human studies on this topic.It might be unsafe to use during lactation.Avoid driving or operating any heavy machinery if you experience symptoms which results in affecting your ability to concentrate or focus on the road.

    Patients having allergy to Dorzolamide hydrochloride or medical history of Severe renal impairment, Hyperchloraemic acidosis, Hepatic impairment, Hypersensitivity etc.must report to the eye specialist before using this solution.