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Can you use azelastine and prednisolone eye drops at the same time?

Can you use azelastine and prednisolone eye drops at the same time?

Azelastine treat itching of the eyes and Prednisolone eye drops treats redness and swelling of eyes

Not sure whether you can use Azelastine and Prednisolone drops together? Well, to get the answer to this question, you need to understand each of the two eye drops in detail.

Azelastine eye drops help treat itchiness in the eyes that occurs due to allergies. These eye drops block histamines which is a natural substance that causes allergic symptoms. The eye drops are not effective in treating irritation or redness in eyes caused by to use of contact lenses.


Treats eye disease caused due to allergies.

This eye drop offers relaxation in symptoms of eye disease caused due to allergies like watery eyes, swelling, redness, and itchy eyes. The eye drop reduces the release of some chemicals that cause eye infections.

It will help you perform daily tasks easily. To get the maximum benefits of these eye drops, use them as suggested by your eye specialist. If there is no improvement in eye infection even after two weeks of using the eye drops, speak to your eye doctor.

Side effects of Azelastine eye drops

  • Watery eyes
  • Burning sensation in your eye

Do not alter the dose of this eye drop. Also, do not alter the duration of the eye drop. It can cause serious side effects. Follow the eye specialist’s prescription.

If you are using any other eye drops or creams, make sure you wait for five minutes before using other medicines.

Make sure you use eye drops first and then eye ointments to help the drops enter your eye.

After the application of this eye drop, you may face blurred vision for some time. During this period, do not use heavy tools, drive or perform an activity that needs focus until you get a clear vision.

Warnings to consider before using the eye drop


This eye drop is not safe for pregnant ladies. You will find limited human studies to support this statement, but, animal studies have reported some serious effects on the baby. Please consult your healthcare provider to weigh the possible risks and benefits of this eye drop before using it.


This eye drop may be safe for nursing mothers. Human studies are limited and say that the medicine doesn’t transfer into breastmilk. The studies have not shown any major threat to the baby.


Driving a vehicle is not safe after putting on this eye drop. The use of this eye drop can cause blurry vision for a while. So, wait for your vision to get clear, and then you can drive.

Knowing more about Prednisone eye drops

Prednisolone eye drop treats the swelling and redness of the eyes that occurs due to allergies. It offers relief from soreness, itchiness, and redness of the eyes. It prevents the production of some substances that lead to infection. Before you use this eye drop for the first time, check if the eye drop bottle seal is intact or broken. If broken do not use the eye drop. Also, shake the bottle properly each time you use it.

Are you using contact lenses? If yes, remove them and put the eye drops. Now, wait for a minimum of fifteen minutes before you wear the contact lenses again. Make sure you do not stop using this eye drop without consulting your eye specialist. It can bring back bacterial growth followed by infection.

Uses of prednisolone eye drop 

This eye drop treats the following

  • Serious allergic reactions
  • Redness &swelling in the eye
  • Eye disorders
  • Rheumatic disorder
  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • Allergic conditions
  • Skin disorders


Redness & Swelling in the eye

The eye drop offers relief in symptoms like swelling, watering, itching, and redness of the eyes caused due to allergy or inflation and even after eye surgery. This eye drop reduces the release of specific chemicals that lead to infection of the eyes. 

It helps you do your daily activities without any hassles. Use the eye drops as advised by the eye specialist to get more benefits.

Serious allergic reactions

This eye drop is used to treat serious allergic reactions. It reduces the infection related to allergies. It is a useful medicine. The dose and duration should be strictly followed as told by the eye doctor. It will help you get more benefits from this eye drop.

Allergic conditions

This eye drop prevents the generation of substances in the body that cause infection. The eye drop can be effective in treating a range of allergic and inflammatory conditions including lupus, arthritis, psoriasis, and ulcerative colitis which impacts the blood, skin, eyes, stomach, lungs, and nervous system. 

It is the response of your immune system to these signs thereby reducing various symptoms like itching, pain, swelling, and allergy reactions.

Eye disorders

This eye drop relaxes the eye infection symptoms like itching, swelling, redness, and watering of the eyes. This tablet decreases the release of particular chemicals that can result in an eye infection. You can perform your daily tasks with ease. See the prescription of the eye specialist and follow it to get the maximum benefits of this eye drop.

Nephrotic syndrome

It is a kidney disorder that makes the body pass excess protein in the urine. It results in extreme swelling in different parts of the body including swelling around the eyes, ankles, and feet. This eye drop suppresses the immune system by reducing infection and swelling that occurs in this syndrome.

It cuts down the protein amount in the urine and helps eliminate excess fluid by relaxing the swelling in different parts of your body. it helps bring back the normal functioning of the kidney and prevent possible damage to your kidneys.

Side effects of Prednisolone eye drops

  • Eye irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Watery eyes
  • Weight gain
  • Reduction in bone density
  • Blurred vision
  • Upset stomach
  • Mood changes
  • Behavioral changes


Warnings to consider before using the eye drop


This eye drop may not be safe for use for women during their pregnancy phase. There are not enough human studies available. But, animal studies have displayed adverse effects on the baby. So, consult your medical expert to know the risks & benefits of this eye drop before using.


This eye drop is safe for nursing women. According to human studies, the medicine will not transfer to breastmilk in large amounts and is safe for the baby.


The use of this eye drop can reduce focus, disturb your vision, and create dizziness and sleepiness. So, do not drive if you experience these symptoms

Drug Interaction between Azelastine and Prednisolone Eye Drops

Well, some medicines are not supposed to be used together. When any two medicines are used at the same time, there are chances of interactions. In such cases, only your doctor can alter the dose and suggest the necessary precautions. So, when you are using these eye drops you need to speak to your medical professional and tell him if you are taking any other medicines too.

 There are drug interactions, so to prevent the possible risks, consult your healthcare expert. He would assess your medical condition check all the medications you are taking and then advise you whether you can use these eye drops together.

Do not try to use the medicines at the same time without asking the physician. He will help you know the precautions you need to take or whether you can use them together.

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