Rizact -10 mg

Rizact -10 mg

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Brand NameMaxalt
Generic NameRizatriptan
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  • RIZACT 10 mg TABLET USES : Rizact 10 mg Tablet is used to treat migraine headache and improve its related symptoms like nausea, sensitivity to sound and light in patients.This medicine provides relief from acute migraine pain but cannot help in preventing an attack.

    HOW TO USE: Rizact 10 should be taken for the time period and in dose according to the instructions given by your doctor.You can take this medicine as soon as symptoms of migraine start appearing or after an attack.Please read the label carefully before using it. You can take  Rizact 10 tablet with or without food.Do not repeat a second dose before at least 2 hours of the first one.

    HOW IT WORKS: Rizact 10 reduces migraine pain by narrowing the blood vessels in the brain and helps in restricting the release of substances that help in triggering the pain.It
    also aids in controlling pain signals from being  sent to the brain.

    PRECAUTIONS: You must inform your previous medical history and  current medication to your physician before using Rizact 10. Avoid driving after its use as it may cause
    sleepiness.Tell your doctor in advance if you are pregnant, lactating or trying to conceive.

    CONTRAINDICATIONS: Rizact 10 is not advisable for the patients who are suffering from high cholesterol, kidney or liver disease, breast-feeding or pregnant unless your doctor finds it absolutely necessary for you.

    Shortness of breath
    Dry mouth
    Unusual fatigue
    Chest pain
    Feeling of warmth or heat
    Neck pain

    You may observe symptoms other than the above mentioned too, so if you experience any problems after using it consult your doctor immediately.