progynova 2mg

progynova 2mg

Estradiol valerate is a ingridents of Progynova 2mg and available with many other products of treating MTF. it also vitalizing the growth of female sexual characteristics for male to female transsexuals in transgender hormone therapy.

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Brand Nameestrace
Generic Nameestradiol
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  • Progynova 2mg

    it is used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT), post menopaue, osteoporosis and contraception. Progynova is also used for IVF patients to boost the placenta function. It also helps to increases the blood flow to the uterus.Progynova 2mg tablet has Estradiol as an active ingredient, it is a female sex hormone produced by the ovaries. Progynova 2mg is a form of Estrogen, It acts by replacing the natural hormone in the body according to the need.

    What does it contain?

    Estradiol valerate, a prodrug (or precursor) of 17 beta-etradiolactive is the active ingredient of Progynova 2mg, Estradiol valerate is most active form of oestrogen which is produced by the ovaries, and basically used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). other ingredents are

    • lactose monohydrate
    • maize starch
    • polyvidone 25 000
    • talc
    • magnesium stearate
    • sucrose
    • polyvidone 700 000
    • macrogol 6000
    • calcium carbonate
    • glycerol 85%
    • titanium dioxide
    • indigo carmine lake
    • montanglycol wax


    it is to be taken daily. It does not matter at what time of day the woman takes her tablet, but she has to select a particular time slot and should keep it same every day without any delay. Treatment is continuous, which means that the next pack follows the other one immediately without a break.

    Possible side effects of Progynova 2mg

    • Breast tenderness and pain
    •  vomiting
    • nausea
    • headache
    • hypertension
    • eye disorders
    • Sexual Dysfunction.

    this tablets should not be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding ladies. The effect of this medicine can be seen within 14-30 days of administration and lasts for 7-14 days after the medicine is stopped. We provide Progynova tablets at an affordable price which you can buy online through Vcare pharmacy and you can get shipping worldwide

    Progynova 2mg medicine is used for relieving the menopausal problems by compensating for the loss of Estrogen. Progynova 2mg relieves night sweats, sleeplessness and mood swings etc.

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