Nailon - 5 ml

Nailon - 5 ml

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Brand NamePenlac Nail Lacquer
Generic NameCiclopirox
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  • Nailon Nail 5 ml is an antifungal lotion. It is used to treat  fungal infection in skin and nails. It helps to stop the growth of fungus, and  treat  the infection.

    Nailon Nail 5ml is only for external use . you can use it in the supervision of your doctor .The quantity you need, and how long you take it will depend on what you are being treated for. You should wash and clean the  area affected with fungal infection before using a thin layer of this lotion. avoid interaction of this medicine mouth, eyes, and nose. If accidently it goes into your eyes or nose use plenty of water to wash it . Use it on regular basis to get best result. 

    Few most common side effects may include itching, burning, or stinging sensation on the area you have applied it. Generally they are not  serious and often goes away with time. If it troubles you or persist  for a longer period of time let your doctor know immediately.


    Nailon Nail 5 ml works in treatment of  skin infections due to fungi. It acts to kill and stop the growth of fungi. This give ease from many symptoms, such as pain and itching, caused by the infection and  accelerate  the healing process. You should use it for as long as it is prescribed to you even if you are not seeing any symptom. This will lower the risk to get infected again. Use this medicine as prescribed that will help you feel more ease to your skin.
    Nailon Nail 5ml also works to kills a big variety of fungi that cause nail infections. It is very simple to apply and has a few side effects. Using this medicine will put back your toenails or finger nails to a healthy state but it will take time because healthy nails take quite long time to  regrow. Keep using it till the time your nails start growing back.

    How to use

    Use this lotion in duration as suggested by your doctor. Read the label for directions before use. Cut your your nails. Apply the lotion with applicator brush to the nail all over let the lotion dry for 30 seconds.

    How it works 

    Nailon Nail 5ml is an antifungal  lotion. It ends protein productivity in the fungal cells disrupt the cell division process. This is how it works to prevent  growth of fungi.

    Side effects 

    Most of its side effects do not need any medical attention and vanish as your body get used to of  the medicine. Few common side effects such as burning, irritation, itching and redness. Take advise of your doctor if any symptom persist.