Premarin Vaginal Cream 14gm

Premarin Vaginal Cream 14gm

Premarin Vaginal Cream is a female sex hormone that induces in the vaginal through the cream form. It helps to increase the level of Estrogen in the body.

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Brand NamePremarin
Generic NameConjugated Estrogens
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  • Premarin Cream

    Premarin Vaginal Cream is a female sex hormone that induces in the vaginal through the cream form. It helps to increase the level of Estrogen in the body. The medicine is part of female hormone replacement therapy. It is the best cream to treat estrogen deficiency symptoms, including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, etc. 

    You have to use the cream all over the virginal. Don't take it with self-treatment. You need to take it as per the doctor's prescription. It is recommended not to stop the medicine suddenly. You have to inform your doctor; he will stop the medicine gradually.

     While using the cream, you may experience irritation or itching in the vigina. But, it is a temporary problem that goes away after continuing use. If you feel abdomen pain, genital rash, vaginal thrush, or headache, inform your doctor as soon as possible. Also, consult with your doctor if you have vagina bleeding.

    Before taking the cream, inform your doctor if you have a history of vaginal bleeding, blood clot, or lungs. If you are pregnant or going to be pregnant or involved with breastfeeding, you should consult with a doctor. There are some researches that pregnancy medicine may affect Premarin medicine. 


    The benefit of Premarin vaginal cream


    In Hormone replacement therapy

    The Premarin cream is part of Hormone placement therapy (HRT). It is a treatment by which you can get relief from the symptoms of menopause, including hot flushes, losing sex drive, and vaginal dryness. With the treatment, you can get a significant improvement in your daily life and mood swing. Containing Estrogen, the Premarin tablet is the best part of the Hormone placement therapy. By using the cream on the vaginal, you can easily place the hormone in the body. You need to use the cream as prescribed by the doctor. It should be used for the long term. Premarin creams may decrease the symptoms only in and around the vagina. It is applied directly inside the vagina and absorbed through the skin.


    Side effects of the Premarin cream

    The Premarin cream has some typical side effects. These do not require any medical attention. It could disappear after the body adjusts to the cream. If you feel the side effects worsen, you need to consult your doctor. 

    • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
    • Irritation
    • Pelvic pain
    • Nausea
    • Breast pain
    • Hair loss
    • Irregular vaginal bleeding
    • Edema (swelling)
    • Vaginal spotting
    • Vaginal itching
    • Depression
    • Leg cramps
    • Abdominal cramp
    • Vaginal yeast infection
    • Vaginal burning sensation


    How to use Premarin vaginal cream

    You have to use the cream externally only, not internally. Try to take the cream as per the prescription of your physician. Before taking it, you must carefully read the label on the package. Or you can ask your doctor or pharmacist again about the dose. Before using, you should clean and dry the affected area. Then apply the cream with the applicator. After using it, you have to wash your hand. 


    How does Premarin vaginal cream work? 

    It is a mixture of estrogens and also part of hormone replacement therapy. The cream works by maintaining the estrogen level in the body. It only works for menopausal women. It prevents damage to the vaginal wall. The doctor usually prescribes the medicine when the vaginal wall becomes thin and dry. 


    Precaution and warning 

    • If you are allergic to different substances, you should inform the doctor. The medicine may contain inactive ingredients, which leads to allergic problems. These problems are skin rash, itching, irritation, etc. In this case, you should inform your physician. 
    • If you are suffering the menopause problems like vaginal bleeding, cancers, blood clots, heart problems, liver problems, kidney problems, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, underactive thyroid, obesity, lupus, underactive thyroid, etc. 
    • You should be careful about smoking or using tobacco. The report states that Estrogen combined with tobacco may increase the risk of different heart problems. These are found in women older than 35. 


    The tips for applying the cream: 

    • You have to apply the cream on the vaginal area using the applicator provided on the box. 
    • The cream does not allow the medicine to reach the rest of your body. So side effects are easily avoided.
    • You should avoid sex right after using the cream. It has the tendency to absorb the partner's skin. 
    • You should consult your doctor if you tend to vaginal bleeding. Or you have any clots, abnormal vaginal discharge, or vaginal irritation. 
    • If you are pregnant or going to get pregnant, you should avoid using Premarin cream. You have to consult a doctor if you have a history of blood clots or heart disease. 




    Q-What is the cream Premarin used for?

    Premarin cream, conjugated Estrogen, is prescribed for treating moderate to severe painful vaginal intercourse due to menopausal changes.


     Q-How long should a woman use Premarin cream?

    Due to moderate to severe painful intercourse, the symptom of vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA) may arise. In this case, Premarin Cream can be applied twice a week. The doctor also prescribes it in a cyclic regimen of 21 days of therapy. You have to take it as directed by the doctor.


    Q-How long does it take for the Premarin cream to start working?

    You can see the full effect of the cream within 4 months. After improving the treatment, the doctor can lower the dose of the cream. And if the symptoms are the same, they may reconsider continuing the treatment for 3 to 6 months.


    Q-Can Premarin cream be used daily?

    The cream is applied intravaginally in a cyclic regimen. It means daily for 21 days; then, you have to be off for 7 days. Generally, the doctor starts the treatment with 0.5 g dosage strength.


    Q-What is the best time to apply the Premarin cream?

    The best time to take the cream is the morning or night before bed. But you should take it every day at the same time.