Pilocar 2% E/D

Pilocar 2% E/D

Pilocar 2 % E / D is prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma, increased eye pressure, to regulate the constriction and dilation of pupils, and dryness in the mouth (due to the damage of the salivary gland because of Sjogren syndrome or radiation therapy.)

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Brand NameAkarpine
Generic NamePilocarpine Nitrate
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  • Pilocar 2 % E / D

    Pilocar 2% drops help treat certain types of glaucoma. This works by decreasing the pupil size. It instigates miosis by helping iris contraction & pupillary sphincter muscles. It decreases the pressure that occurs inside the eyeball by producing aqueous humor. The drug enables reducing the rise in pressure on the eyes.

    The doctor will monitor your eyes before and in course of treatment with pilocarpine, especially if you are suffering from an eye disorder. Do not wear soft contact lenses when you are using this drop. Remove your contact lenses before putting the drops in the eyes.

    Do not swallow the medicine as it is suitable for ophthalmic use only. Those using this drop are recommended not to consume alcohol while undergoing the treatment.

    Avoid using the drops if you have an eye disorder/condition without a doctor’s suggestion. Let your doctor know before you start using this eye drop while you are breastfeeding or pregnant.

    Also, use the medicine with caution if you have heart or lung disease. Also, the medicine should be used with caution for children below 18 years. Consult your doctor before using the medicine in children.


    Uses of Pilocar 2%

    • Produce miosis after surgery/ophthalmoscopic examination.
    • Helps treat certain types of glaucoma


    Benefits of  Pilocar 2%

    It helps treat Glaucoma. Glaucoma can be explained as an eye disorder that harms the optic nerve. The optic nerve is necessary for correct vision. The harm is caused due to unusual pressure inside the eye.

     Pilocar 2% Eye Drop helps decrease the pressure inside your eye and reduce swelling. It helps eliminate the after-effects of glaucoma like blindness. It helps improve vision. One cannot cure Glaucoma, but regular check-ups and monitoring can help diagnose it in its initial stages.


    How to use the Pilocar 2%?

    Use the medicine with the doctor’s advice. It is suitable for ophthalmic use. The hands should be thoroughly washed and pat dry before using the eye drops. Put 1 or 2 drops of the drops in the lower eyelid.

    Make sure you do not touch the eye drop bottle’s tip with your fingers or eyelids. The eye specialist would decide the correct dose and course of treatment. He will consider your medical history and weight before prescribing the right dose.


    Common Side effects of eye drops (PILOCAR 2% DROPS)

    • Discomfort/redness in eyes
    • Burning, stinging, or itching sensation around your eyes
    • Blurred vision
    • Conjunctiva of swelling
    • Short-sightedness (temporary)
    • Retina detachment
    • Vision problems in the dark
    • Eyebrow/headache
    • Skin rash

    Rare effects

    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea/vomiting
    • Very low heartbeat
    • Low blood pressure
    • Shortness of breath
    • Excessive tear secretion
    • Watering of the eye
    • Excessive salivation



    Store the eye drops at 25°C. Make sure you store the medicine at room temperature. Avoid the exposure of medicine to moisture and heat.

    Make sure you check the instructions given on the product page to learn about the storage details. You can also ask the pharmacist. Avoid freezing the medicine. Do not give access to medicine to pets and children.


    Warnings before using Pilocar 2%



    Pregnant women should communicate with their doctor before using the medicine.


    If you are breastfeeding speak to your doctor before using this medicine.

    Using machinery and driving

    Avoid operating heavy machinery or driving after using the medicine as you may face blurred vision or not be able to see properly in dark.


    Do not drink alcohol with this medicine.


    Being allergic to pilocarpine or mitotic agents? Avoid using this medicine.


    Use the drops cautiously if you have bronchial asthma. Speak to your doctor first.

    Heart disease

    Be cautious while using this medicine if you have heart disease. Discuss with your doctor for correct advice.

    Drug Interactions

    Communicate with the doctor without fail if you are on the following medicines

    • Anticholinergics
    • Antihistamines
    • Medicines for Parkinson’s disease
    • Mydriatics
    • Pethidine
    • Medicines used to treat depression
    • Orphenadrine
    • Phenothiazines
    • Other miotic agents
    • Medicines for treating high blood pressure




    Q-Can I consume alcohol with this medicine?

    No. Do not consume alcohol while using the drops as it can result in unwanted side effects.


    Q-What if I overdose PILOCAR 2% DROPS?

    Do not try to take the medicine without the instructions of the eye specialist. In case you end up taking a higher dose than suggested by the eye specialist, get in touch with the doctor instantly. Overdose of this medicine is unlikely to happen. Still, if it happens in your case, get in touch with the eye specialist promptly.


    Q-Can I stop applying the eye drops without asking the doctor?

    No. Please do not stop using the eye drops without asking your doctor. Use the medicine for the prescribed duration to get better results.


    Q-What if I miss a dose of the eye drops?

    If you tend to miss a dose, take it immediately after you remember. If the time for the next dose is almost near, skip your missed dose. Do not take a double dose to adjust the missed dose.