Lipvas 10mg

Lipvas 10mg

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Brand NameLipitor
Generic NameAtorvastatin
ManufacturerCipla Ltd.
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  • LIPVAS  10MG - Lipvas is one of the quality medications, which has used widely in order to lower the cholesterol without  compromising on other health aspects from time to time.It is a known fact that most of the people would prefer to contact a doctor because it helps them to find quick results from time to time.

    Composition- The drug is manufactured by Cipla and has been highly recommended for people to use in order to reduce long term cardiovascular problems from time to time.The vital component in Lipvas is atorvastatin and advised for people to take doctor's suggestion for better results in an effective way.

    How Does It Work- It is necessary to have the appropriate diet and regular exercise because the medication would need physical activities to provide better performance on a regular basis.

    How to Use it ?- It is highly advised for people to contact a doctor before following the course because it helps you gain more  knowledge on the medication and related necessary activities from time to time. Side Effects  A cough, diarrhea, impaired liver function and muscle pain are the common side effects seen from individual to individual.

    Precaution and Warning - The medication is not recommended for people while breastfeeding because it can cause severe effects on an
    infant because of various reasons. The medication is known to provide adverse effects on individuals for pregnant  people as well.Increase in blood sugar levels is common, but a regular consultation can help you overcome the problem in an effective way.Share your current medication profile with the doctor before starting the treatment.