atorlip 20 mg

atorlip 20 mg

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Brand NameAtorvastatin
Generic NameLipitor
Manufacturer Cipla ltd.
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  • Atorlip 20 Tablet a part medicine group named statins. It works to minimizes cholesterol levels in your body and reduces the risk of heart attack. your blood vessels become narrow due high cholesterol, cholesterol  has fatty substance which may become a reason of heart stroke in long term . Atorlip 20 Tablet found safe  for long term use and became a widely prescribed drug but should  always be taken in supervision of the doctor. You can take it with meals or it can also be taken empty stomach . You can choose any time of the day to take it ,but try to take it at a fixed time everyday. People who have high cholesterol don't feel sick, but you should avoid missing medicine doses because skipping any dose or stopping the medicine may  increase chances of  heart disease or stroke.
    It is very necessary to get your cholesterol levels checked by doctors regularly. If you are taking treatment of this medicine you should also follow a healthy diet, regular exercise, smoking cessation, stop alcohol intake, and weight reduction. You should avoid fatty food which may become a reason for high cholesterol levels in your body . Avoid using this medicine if you have liver disease, if you're pregnant or  breastfeeding women and if you are a patient of blood sugar you should always monitor your sugar levels while consuming this medicine, If you have muscle pain issues or  if you have gone through any bacterial infection treatment in past 8-10 days ,if you are alcoholic and if your age is above 70or above . You check your liver functioning before opting treatment of this medicine and keep monitoring it thereafter  . you can buy this medicine from worldwide.

    Uses of Atorlip 20 mg 

    Atorlip 20 mg helps in prevention from Heart stroke. It helps to improve cholesterol levels  and manage cholesterol levels in the body. It minimize the risk of heart stroke.

    How to use To use Atorlip 20 mg 

    Take this medicine the supervision of your physician .do not chew it or crush it take as a whole or as directed by doctor . it can be taken with or without food but take on fixed time 

    How Atorlip 20 mg  works 

    Atorlip 20 mg tablet helps to stop the enzyme (HMG-CoA-reductase) production which is responsible to produce cholesterol in body . It stops bad cholesterol production and helps good cholesterol to improve its levels in body and this improve s your heart health. Store this medicine in cool and dry place 

    Side effects 

    Every drug has some side effect which is very common so with this medicine there are few common side effect that can be seen in patients who are taking treatment of this medicine that are ; flatulence, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, indigestion, Muscle pain, Nausea, constipation, these effects are very mild and goes away in short period of time. if you are pregnant or breastfeeding do not consume this medicine. Consult primary care physician if any of the symptom persist.