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Brand NameGlucophage
Generic NameMetformin Hcl
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  • GLYCOMET SR 1000MG :Glycomet SR 1000MG assists in maintaining proper blood sugar levels in your body.In addition to the treatment of Type 2 diabetes, this drug is also prescribed for the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome, hypertension, obesity, and heart disorders.

    Composition: The primary ingredient is Metformin which controls the amount of glucose or sugar in your body. It is not used to treat Type I diabetes.

    How does it work: Glycomet SR 1000MG works on the glucose released by the liver in the body. It suppresses the quantity of the glucose produced by the liver and this process lowers the levels of blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes patient. This drug makes your body capable to absorb glucose in large amount by accelerating your sensitivity towards insulin. This high sensitivity helps in reducing weight and lowering cholesterol levels.You must remember that this tablet does not increase the insulin amount in the body. It only helps in lowering the amount of glucose and decreasing your appetite.

    How to use this: Glycomet SR 1000MG can be found in the market in both tablet and oral solution form. Its dosages is recommended by a doctor on the basis of your age, condition situation, other medications you are taking etc. Do not skip a dose and try to follow a complete course of your treatment. This drug helps in the management of blood sugar levels and avoiding problems like kidney failure, heart disorders, and obesity.

    Side Effects: Some common side effects are- headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and stomach cramps.Major side-effect can be lactic acidosis and Hypoglycemia(when taken with other antidiabetic medicines)

    Precautions and Warning: If you suffer from conditions like- diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney/liver/heart disorders etc., you must consult your health specialist before consuming Glycomet SR 1000MG.Pregnant or breastfeeding women or children below 10 years of age are not recommended this drug.