Flomist Nasal Spray  50mcg

Flomist Nasal Spray 50mcg

Flomist nasal spray 50mcg works to treat allergies and infection related to nose problems like swelling, itching, stuffy nose, watery eyes, or sneezing

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Brand NameFlovent
Generic NameFluticasone Propionate
ManufacturerCipla Ltd.
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  • All You Need To Know About Flomist Nasal Spray 50 mcg

    When a person suffers from the inflammation of the inner mucous membrane of the nose (known as allergic rhinitis) or is affected by the running nose, sneezing, sinus discomfort, or hay fever, doctors recommend Flomist nasal spray 50 mcg to treat such allergies and infections. The reason behind the effectiveness of the flomist nasal spray is that it contains a corticosteroid, Fluticasone. This is effective in treating nasal infections by blocking chemical messengers. However, before you start using the spray, it's better to take advice from a doctor. 

    Uses of Flomist nasal spray

    Flomist nasal spray 50 mcg is used to treat pain, irritation, and allergies in the nose. Generally, doctors prescribe the medicine for those infected by nasal allergic symptoms. 

    • Treat allergies that lead to running nose or sneezing
    • Used for certain skin conditions like Psoriasis and Psoriasis
    • Effective for severe allergic reactions


    Treats Sneezing & Running Nose Due To Allergies 

    Due to the presence of corticosteroid, Fluticasone in the spray, it is used to treat different nose problems like swelling, itching, stuffy nose, watery eyes, or sneezing. One of the best things about Flomist nasal spray 50mcg is that it won't alter the blood pressure levels like other medicines. It just works to treat allergic reactions. 

    Treats Certain Skin Conditions 

    Another benefit of using Flomist nasal spray 50 mcg is that it is known to treat a handful of skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Also, it is a good choice for treating rash, pain, redness, or itchiness by blocking the effects of chemicals in the body. 

    Side Effects 

    The side effects of the Flomist nasal spray 50 mcg don't appear for too long, nor do they require any medical attention. Some of the most common side effects that people encounter after the use are;-

    • Nasal irritation
    • Headache
    • Nosebleeds

    How To Use The Flomist Nasal Spray 50mcg? 

    Always use the medicine as your doctor prescribes it. Take the dose accordingly to avoid serious risk factors. Before using the flomist nasal spray 50mcg, shake the bottle well. Clean out your nose and avoid touching the tip of the bottle, as it may lead to contamination. Also, check the label to ensure that you're using the spray correctly. While using the spray, keep your other nostril closed while putting in the first one. Next, spray towards the sides and breathe a little to help the spray reach deeper portions. Keep your head upright, and similarly try the spray in the other nostril. 

    How Flomist Nasal Spray 50mcg Works? 

    The spray contains corticosteroid, Fluticasone, which works by blocking the production of specific chemicals. These chemicals result in itching or sneezing and make your nose feel affected. 

    Safety Advice 

    • Alcohol - No interactions between alcohol and nasal spray are found. But it's good to avoid huge amounts while using.
    • Pregnancy - It is safe if a doctor prescribes it as no data indicates that the spray affects the health of a newborn child.
    • Kidney & Liver Problem - If a person suffering from kidney or liver problems uses the nasal spray, nothing to worry about. For more clarity, you can talk to your doctor. 

    What If You Forget To Take Flomist Nasal Spray 50 mcg? 

    If you feel better and would like to stop your dose, you can. It's completely safe until you work according to what your doctor says. 


    Flomist nasal spray 50mcg is one of the effective ways to get rid of nose-related infections and allergies. Before you start using this medicine, consult your doctor and know the necessary information required. Overall, the spray is quite safe and secure if used wisely.