Estriol-Ortho Dienestrol-Evalon 1mg/15gm Cream

Estriol-Ortho Dienestrol-Evalon 1mg/15gm Cream

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Brand NameEstriol
Generic NameEstriol also oestriol
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  • ESTRIOL  ORTHO DIENESTROL EVALON 1mg /15 gm CREAM: Evalon 1 mg cream is a vaginal cream consisting of 1 mg of Estriol per gram of the cream as its active ingredient.Estriol is a hormone that is naturally produced inthe female body.

    USES: Evalon 1 mg cream is used to alleviate the symptoms of menopause and post menopause period in women like vaginal dryness, burning sensation, itching, irritation, hot flashes, etc

    HOW IT WORKS: Evalon 1 mg cream comes from the section of estrogens medicines which help in the hormonal replacement therapy of women. The active ingredient of Evalon cream, Estriol, works by keeping optimum levels of estrogen in women during and after menopause.It also checks vaginal dryness and related problems

    HOW TO USE: Use Evalon 1 mg cream in the amount and for the time period as prescribed by your doctor. The cream can be applied in the vagina with the help of the applicator provided with the cream. You should read the medical label and instructions provided for its use very carefully before applying it.This cream is for topical and external use only.Clean the applicator after use to prevent infections

    Use Evalon cream only under the guidance of your doctor.Explain your full medical history, current medications and any known allergy or hypersensitivity to such drugs before using it. Pregnant ladies or women with health issues like genital bleeding, breast cancer, thrombosis, liver problems should refrain from using it

    Numbness in leg or in any part of the body
    Breathing issues
    Cramps in abdomen
    Hair fall
    Pain in breasts
    Vaginal spotting

    In case you face any adverse symptoms after using Evalon cream, seek medical help earliest possible.