Cerazette 0.08mg

Cerazette 0.08mg

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Brand NameCerazette
Generic NameDesogestrel
ManufacturerNV Organon
PresentationTab (blister)
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  • CERAZETTE -DESOGESTREL 0.08 mg:Cerazette is one of the popular contraceptive pills for women.Cerazette tablets are used as a birth control method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.Unlike combined contraceptive pills which contain two female sex hormones – oestrogen and progestogen, Cerazette is a progestogen-only-pill (POP).This pill is beneficial for those women who are not tolerant to oestrogens.

    Ingredients: Cerazette tablet, also known as mini pills and is a hormone pill consisting of a female sex hormone called the progestogen desogestrel as its active ingredient.

    How it works: Cerazette tablets act by hindering the process of ovulation.It also helps in halting the ripening of the female egg cells. It also aids in contraception by making it hard for the male sperm cells to reach the womb.

    How to use:It is advisable to use Cerazette tablets in the dose and duration as instructed by your doctor. You need to take your Cerazette tablet daily, preferably at the same time of the day. You must read and follow the instructions given on the medicine leaflet cautiously.Take it with or without food as per your doctor's advice. Swallow it as a whole. In case if you miss a dose, consult your doctor about how to make up for that.

    Precautions:You must tell your doctor your full medical history, medications and any known allergy to such drugs.Women who are pregnant or diagnosed with Thrombosis, jaundice, cancer should not use it. Women with liver problems, breast cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure should ask their doctor before using it.

    Side Effects:
    -Alteration in mood
    -Reduction in libido
    -Vaginal bleeding
    -Increment in weight

    If you observe any adverse symptoms after using Cerazette tablets, please seek medical advice immediately.