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The Benefits of Buying Nizagra 100: A Comprehensive Guide

The Benefits of Buying Nizagra 100: A Comprehensive Guide

Nizagara 100mg is a prescription drug used to reinstate erectile dysfunction in men with an inability to attain a hard penis for sexual intercourse. This medicine belongs to PDE5 which has sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient.

Nizagra 100mg treats ED by increasing the flow of blood to the penis during sexual arousal. Due to increased flow of blood erection takes place. Using this or other similar drugs daily can benefit your sexual health. Some men may experience mild side effects that usually disappear with time.

Some benefits of Nizagra 100 include:

Nizagra dosage was hugely more beneficial than placebo in every study. It was found that 2 men were able to achieve erection without treatment and it was 3-4 when 100mg of this drug was used. In the study of fixed dosage, the proportions of men who reported that Erectile Dysfunction treatment caused improvement in their erection were 62 % using 25 mg, 74% using 50mg, and 82% using 100 mg in comparison to 25% on placebo.

  • It will lower ED progression. Using Nizagra 100mg every day is one of the best ways of lowering the intensity of ED progression.
  • It will upgrade your quality of life. Sexual function is highly related to self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem. There are many reports on men using PDE5 inhibitors and living better quality lives from the perspective of satisfaction and confidence.
  • Men suffer from infertility issues. In this situation, using a Nizagra tablet can be of huge benefit. It will help to bring erection to your penis by causing muscle relaxation. Thus you can get rid of the ED problem.
  • With the increase of age, the prostate gland of a man increases. So men start to face problems while urinating. They may face burning and pain when they urinate. However, using this drug may provide some relief.

Effectiveness of Nizagra tablets in ED(erectile dysfunction)

The active ingredient in this drug is Sildenafil. If you buy Nizagra online and use it, it will block the phosphodiesterase enzyme. It usually breaks down a substance called cGMP or cyclic guanosine monophosphate. During proper sexual arousal, this substance is produced in the male organ. 

There it will cause the muscles present in the spongy penile tissues to be relaxed. It will allow the blood to flow into the penis. It will produce the required erection. By blocking this cGMP production, Nizagra 100mg will restore erectile function. Sexual arousal is still required to produce the needed erection for having satisfying sex. 

"Erectile Dysfunction is when a young man can not get the erection needed for Sex"  

How long will it take to start its effect?

It will begin to work between half an hour and one hour after you use a dosage of the drug. But it does not cause any erection. Rather, you will require to be sexually stimulated for Sildenafil citrate tablets 100mg nizagara to work. It keeps on working in the body for almost 5 hours. It means that if you are stimulated, you must still be able to get an erection till 4 hours after using one dosage. 

Even though it keeps on working in the body for many hours, your penile erection should not last for so long. It can rarely cause priapism. With such a condition, you will suffer from a long-lasting painful penile erection. It is a medical emergency. You must get help from your doctor and treat it. If you do not treat it, the condition may damage the penile tissues. It will lead to irreversible ED.

How long the effects of sildenafil effect will last?

After using a dosage of this drug, its level in the body will slowly lower within a few hours. You will be having low levels of it in the body after 4 hours. Then the drug will not work any longer. But it can usually take almost 24 hours for Nizagra 100mg to be removed from the body.

Some useful tips before using Nizagra (sildenafil 100mg)

  • Your dosage of this drug will not depend on your weight. But it may be depending on your age. Men aged 65 years or more tend to have higher levels of it in their blood after using a dosage. So if you are more than 65 years of age, your doctor will mainly prescribe an initial dosage of it. It will be lower than the standard starting dosage. He may recommend you use 25 mg rather than a dosage of 50mg
  • He may suggest a different dosage based on many factors. These are if you have kidney or liver issues and use some other drugs. In such cases, begin with dosages such as 25mg which is lower than the usual prescribed dosage.
  • Most men who are 18 years or older can use Nizagra pills for ED.

This drug is not prescribed for a few people. To ensure it is safe for you, talk with your doctor before using it if you:

  1. Have suffered from any allergic reaction
  2. Are using medicines for chest pain such as nitrates
  3. Have a serious liver or heart issue
  4. Have recently suffered from a heart attack, stroke, or heart issues? Your doctor must check if your heart can go through the extra strain of having sex.
  5. Have any rare inherited eye issues, hypotension, leukemia, bone marrow cancer, penis deformity, stomach ulcer, bleeding problem, and red blood cell abnormality.

Frequently asked questions

How should I use Nizagra 100 mg?

Use the prescribed dosage of this drug an hour before sex. If you take it with food, there may be a delay to start its effect compared to when using it without food. Your doctor may decrease or increase the dosage depending on its effectiveness and severe Nizagra side effects. Men with liver issues or kidney disorders must use a 25 mg dosage.

Can I use this drug daily?

Yes, you can use it daily. But if you require to or you should depend. As every person is different, one must ask his doctor about what is best for him. You can discuss the required dosage and frequency with him. He will consider your health and other medical conditions you want to treat. 

Nizagra 100mg may not be completely safe for you if you suffer from kidney, heart, or high blood pressure issues. This drug may also negatively interact with some other drugs. You must be alert and use it one time daily.

How can I make it work faster?

It may work quicker if you use this drug when you are on an empty stomach. But if you use it with food, mainly with a high-fat meal, it will take more time to begin working. So it will become less effective.

Do I require to take this drug for the long-term?

It usually depends on your health and the condition you are treating. If your doctor finds out that this drug is safe and works well for you, he will tell you to use Nizagra 100mg for as long as you continue to require it.

Few final words

You must remember that you should not order Nizagra online from to get the best of the best offers if you do not suffer from ED. It is a prescription drug that may have serious side effects. It is only approved to treat ED and not recreationally. You must use it if your doctor has prescribed you to use it. He will be aware of your medical history and will suggest the best treatment. You need to follow to get rid of ED within a short time.




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