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How do Ciplactin Pills help to gain weight?

How do Ciplactin Pills help to gain weight?

Ciplactin pills are used to stimulate the appetite and may aid in weight gain. Appetite loss leads t

For a lot of people gaining weight can be challenging. Without craving, they try to eat a lot of calories. This, along with a lack of appetite, will stop them from gaining weight. If they treat loss of need, it will aid them in reaching their goal. Medication such as Ciplactin may safely and effectively substitute for a weight increase.

Ciplactin pills are used to stimulate the appetite and may aid in weight gain. Appetite loss leads to missing meals. It may result in a deficiency of a few essential and non-essential nutrients. If you treat a lack of appetite, it may cause proper food intake. Following such a mechanism, any appetite stimulant may assist in weight gain.

What is Ciplactin pills medication?

It belongs to a group of medications named antihistamines. The medicine is used to treat many allergic conditions. Ciplactin relieves inflammation symptoms along with swelling, itching, and rashes. It is used to treat appetite loss. Ciplactin is an effective appetite or hunger stimulant. It enhances hunger by continuously increasing the requirement for body energy. Thus, the medication promotes the desire to eat. It is, therefore, a safe and effective way to manage malnutrition or undernutrition. It aids in treating appetite loss and improving the status of nutrition.

Is Ciplactin medication effective in causing weight gain?

Cyproheptadine is an active ingredient present in Ciplactin. It may aid in weight gain. The medication is a histamine antagonist having the effects of stimulating appetite. It may assist in helping people who are underweight to gain weight. Ciplactin may increase appetite as a side effect. It will increase energy intake through more desire to eat. It will stimulate growth hormone secretion. Thus it can aid in improving the nutrition status of individuals with malnutrition.

This tablet is a well-preserved and beneficial method to manage malnutrition and undernutrition. It has been clinically approved as one appetite stimulant. It is for individuals having average weight. Yet, you may require the prescription of a doctor before you begin to take it for weight gain. Your doctor will prescribe the correct dosage and duration. It will depend on your BMI and health factors.


The medicine has various other medical uses. Thus, it is crucial to select the correct dosage amount while treating appetite loss. You can take these tablets with a meal or without having them. It is too advised to use a tablet for as long as your doctor mentions it to you. It is available as oral pills. Thus you can swallow one pill with a glass of water. People using Ciplactin should not take more than the recommended dosage. Usually, you will need to take the medication thrice daily at the same strength prescribed to you.

Ciplactin is considered to be a safe medication. It comes with fewer side effects as compared to other drugs. But the only side effect that the medicine includes causes weight gain. If you face any other side effects, then you should not get worried. It will appear in a mild form. You will not need any medical attention. They will slowly resolve over time. Yet it may cause huge drowsiness. So be alert and get in touch with your doctor if such an effect continues for a long time.

Is there any precaution or safety method to follow while using Ciplactin?

While using the medication, you may need to check on your weight. Let your doctor know if you observe any change in your weight. It is vital as your dosages of Ciplactin depend on your weight, mainly in children and teens.

The medication is never recommended for any use in children under two years old. One needs to discuss health conditions with a doctor before using them. For example, an individual may have narrow-angle glaucoma, asthma, or stomach ulcer. He may also have any debilitating disease. Then he needs to inform his doctor. Use the Ciplactin tablet carefully in people having severe kidney disease. Adjustment of dosage may be required. So people with kidney and liver disease must take medical help before using it. Yet, the medication is safe. It is one of the best medications for weight gain that improves the intake of nutrients.


Ciplactin may cause extreme drowsiness with alcohol. So it would be best if you avoided the consumption of alcohol. It is because it interacts with the medicine causing drowsiness. Generally, the medication is considered safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is used to reduce the levels of prolactin in the mother. It must be avoided because it may interfere with breastfeeding. For safety, it is better to consult your doctor. It may cause a side effect that could impact your driving ability. Take the drug in the dosage and duration as told by your doctor. Always swallow it for a while. Never chew or crush or break it. You should always take the tablet at a fixed time. Follow all instructions mentioned by your doctor to see great results.

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