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Best eye drops for dry eyes

Best eye drops for dry eyes

Dry eyes can occur due to different conditions.

It can occur when you are outdoors on a windy day or working on the computer for long hours. It can dry out your eyes. Dry eyes may cause discomfort in eyes. You may experience dry eyes even because of a health issue or a new medicine you started using recently. 

But, when you struggle with a burning sensation due to dry eyes, all you look out is for relief. This blog will help you learn about dry eyes, their causes, risks, and the best eye drops that can provide relief.

Dry eyes – What are the causes?

You face dry eye problems when tears do not offer sufficient moisture to keep your eyes comfortable and lubricated. It occurs due to inadequate production of tears. In the absence of sufficient moisture, the cornea can get irritated.

Environmental & biological conditions and other treatments can also cause dry eyes which include:

  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Pregnancy
  • Some medicines for blood pressure can cause dry eyes which is a side effect.
  • Use of contact lens
  • seasonal allergies
  • Insufficient blinking causes strain in the eyes
  • Laser eye surgery

There are several causes like lupus, eye disease, and old age can result in dry eyes.

Risk factors related to dry eyes

The risk factors that can cause dry eyes are:-

  • Age above 50 years. Production of tears reduces as you age. Hence, this problem is common in individuals above 50 years.
  • Women experience this problem due to hormonal changes while using birth control pills, during menopause or pregnancy.
  • Lack of Vitamin A in your diet.
  • Using contact lenses

What are the complications linked with dry eyes?

Individuals with dry eyes may face complications like

  • Eye infections

The tears in your eyes safeguard the eye surface against infection. So, in the absence of enough tears, you are prone to a higher risk of eye infection.

  • Damage to eye surfaces

 If the damage is not treated, you can face extremely dry eyes that can result in eye inflammation, vision loss, corneal ulcers, etc.,

  • Impacts quality of life

Well, dry eyes can stop you from performing daily activities smoothly like reading.

When to visit an eye specialist for dry eyes?

For mild dry eye conditions, you can use OT eye drops at home. If you think the symptoms get severe or troublesome or do not subside with home treatment, you need to visit your eye specialist to find the root cause and get appropriate treatment. If you leave prolonged dry eye untreated, it can damage & scar the cornea.

What are the different types of eye drops?

  • OTC eye drops

Artificial tears or OTC drops are either free of preservatives or have them. You will find them in different forms like ointment, gel, and liquid.

  • Prescription eye drops

These eye drops reduce the infection and help your eyes produce more tears. These eye drops are effective for severely dry eyes. The best eye drops for dry eyes depend on the cause of dry eyes. Thankfully, there is a range of eye drops such as Careprost eye drops., This eye drop can offer instant relief. While choosing eye drops, you should look for safety and efficacy.

Tips to consider while choosing eye drops for dry eyes

  • Avoid using eye drops designed to treat red eyes. They are not meant for treating dry eyes.
  • If you have glaucoma or other eye condition, take OTC medicine only upon the doctor’s advice.

Also, two types of artificial eye drops – with and without preservatives are available in the market. Some individuals find that eye drops with preservatives cause eye irritation. So, they should go with preservative-free eye drops. If you are planning to use OTC eye drops to treat dry eyes, consult your eye doctor first.


If you suffer from dry eyes, try to identify the situations that are causing the symptoms. Next, you can find methods to prevent the situations that cause dry eyes. For example,

  • Use sunglasses/protective eyewear

You can use eyeglasses or other protective eyewear while going out in dry air or to block the wind.

  • Prevent blowing air in the eyes

Do not keep hair dryers, air conditioners, car heaters, or fans directly toward the eyes.

  • Take short breaks while working for long hours

If you are working on a computer for long hours or reading a book, take short breaks to rest your eyes. During the break, close your eyes for a couple of minutes or blink them repeatedly for a couple of seconds. It will help spread tears properly in your eyes.

  • Place your computer screen below your eye level

When the computer screen is placed above eye level, you try to wide open your eyes to look at the screen. So, place your computer screen below your eye level to prevent the need to wide open your eyes. It will help reduce the evaporation of tears in between blinking.

  • Avoid smoke or quit smoking

If you are in the habit of smoking, speak to your medical expert to learn how to quit smoking. If you are not smoking, distance yourself from people who smoke. Smoke turns the dry eye symptoms worse.

  • Using artificial tears would help

If you have been facing dry eyes for a while now, using artificial tears regularly would help keep the eyes lubricated.

Dry eyes at night

Several people face dry eyes during night hours. This condition occurs when your body makes inadequate tears to hold the moisture in your eyes. It can cause vision problems and itching. A lot of factors cause a disturbance between the removal and production of tears which includes dehydration, screen use for long hours, and some health issues. Normally, dry eyes heal automatically. But in some cases, people need different treatments or home remedies to eradicate the symptoms.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use Careprost eye drops for dry eyes every day?

Yes. You can use Careprost eye drops 4 times a day and they are safe. OTC eye drops do not offer relief in the long run. You can use them when required. If you face this problem every day, visit your eye doctor. You may require stronger medicine in tear ducts to sustain moisture in the eyes.

Will my vision be normal after using Careprost eye drops for dry eyes?

Some eye drops for dry eyes can result in blurred vision after you use them. The blurry vision will stay for a couple of minutes. If the blurred vision continues for a long, speak to your eye doctor.


Do not overlook the dry eyes problem. If your symptoms are mild, the problem can vanish using OTC ointment, gels, and eye drops. But, dry eyes can cause due to a health ailment as well. In such cases, you need to visit your eye specialist to get a thorough eye check.

Also, you should get your vision checked if you face dry eye problems. Once your doctor identifies the cause of eye dryness, he can prescribe you the best eye drops or other treatments You will find plenty of eye care products in the market that help you treat dryness, but seeking advice from your eye doctor is the best way to treat the symptoms.




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