Megalis 10 Mg

Megalis 10 Mg

Megalis Tablet is a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitor. It is effective in curing erectile dysfunction. It improves blood flow to the penis by relaxing the muscles in the penile blood vessels.

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  • Megalis 10mg

    This medication is used for treating male impotence. It works by increasing blood flow to a male organ. It will assist a man in getting an erection. Megalis 10mg will help in relaxing blood vessels in the penis. It will let blood flow to the penis once a man gets excited sexually. Women should not use it. Men should consult a doctor and then use it. Never drink alcohol or smoke while taking this male erectile dysfunction medicine.


    How should it be used?

    Use it by mouth under the doctor’s prescription. You can use it with some food or avoid having it with food. Do not take this medication with a meal that contains high fat. This is because the start of the medicine’s activity will get delayed. The doctor will recommend you take a lower dose of it. The dosage is based on a man's age and medical condition. You can take the tablets orally. Chew this tablet properly. Do not break it. Take water in a glass and swallow the tablet. Do not repeat two pills within 24 hours. Do not take it without going through all medication instructions of your pharmacist. Get your query resolved by your doctor. If you are using some medication that increases the effect of Megalis 10mg, then your doctor will lower the dosage of the drug. 


    What are its side effects?

    The medication can cause dizziness and vision problems. Some allergic reactions, such as skin rash, hives, itching, swollen face, tongue, or lips, along with breathing problems, irregular heartbeat, and blurred vision, may also occur. Difficulties o driving or using machines and dizzy feeling are also seen in many men who make use of it. Some side effects will not require any medical attention. But if you get bothered by them, inform your doctor. Tell your doctor if you experience hyperacidity, flushing, heartburn, blurriness, etc. Some side effects may include severe complications. To get an expert opinion, report all unusual conditions to the doctor after you start to take it. If angina pain and fainting occur while using the medication, you should stop and report it to the doctor.


    Precaution to follow while taking megalis 10mg

    • It is an indicated oral treatment for men having sexual problems like impotence.
    • This medication must be used after proper medical advice.
    • Never exceed one dosage each day.
    • Do not use too much, as it will lead to severe side effects. 
    • If you see any side effects, get medical attention. It will prevent the further start of enormous side effects.
    • Your doctor will review your cardiovascular function. Then he will suggest this medication. 
    • Men with penile deformities should be careful while using this medication.
    • If you have any heart problems, your doctor will check your heart. He will see if your heart is capable of tolerating every physical activity generated by sex.
    • Be alert and consult your doctor if you have an ulcer or bleeding disorder before taking it.
    • Men with any liver or kidney issues should take it under a doctor’s prescription. This is because these two organs eliminate the medicine.
    • Also, men suffering from priapism that leads to a persistent or painful erection should be cautious while taking Megalis10mg. Before you drive or do any activity that needs alertness, you must be aware of your reaction to it. 
    • Men who undergo treatment of enlarged prostate with alpha-blocker may experience vertigo when using it and a fast blood pressure decline.
    • Do not take it with medications known as nitrates. This is because it will cause severe hypertension in men.
    • If you are suffering from angina, then consult your doctor before using it.
    • In rare cases, men experience a painful or long-lasting erection for at least 4 hours or more. Tell your doctor if this happens. 
    • Do not be careless. Permanent damage may affect your organ.


    Frequently asked questions


    Q-I missed one dosage. Should I tell my doctor?

    Take any missed dosage once you remember it. Do not take the medication if it is already time for your next dosage. Skip that dosage. Have the normal one. Never overdose yourself.


    Q-How to store the megalis 10mg?

    Keep the medication away from children. Do not use it after its mentioned expiry date. Do not dispose of it through household waste or any wastewater. If you no longer require it, become aware of the right ways to dispose of it.


    Q-When should I get medical help while using megalis 10mg?

    You should contact your doctor if you suddenly experience loss of vision in one or both eyes. Tell your doctor if you face a sudden reduction in hearing, loss of hearing, ringing in your ears, and dizziness. If you experience a prolonged erection for more than 4 hours or a painful erection for more than 6 hours, get medical help.