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Brand NameForadil Aerolizer + Flovent
Generic NameFluticasone + Formoterol
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  • Maxiflo 125 mcg Inhaler is a mix of two medications Fluticasone propionate and Formoterol. It works in the therapy of asthma and COPD(chronic obstructive pneumonic problem) in this condition wind stream to lungs gets impeded. It assists with loosening up air entry in muscles and makes it easy to breathe. It helps you to alleviate side effects like hacking, wheezing, windedness, chest snugness and so on that are the reason for asthma and COPD(chronic obstructive pneumonic problem). This medication can not forestall unexpected asthmatic assaults. 

    Your PCP will choose how frequently you should utilize this inhaler. You should take the base portion of this medication to get the best impacts, Though it might require 7-10 days to see recognizable impacts of this medication. 

    You should take this medication routinely to get the best outcomes. So you ought not quit taking it regardless of whether you don't perceive any side effects. This medication can not be utilized by patients under 12 years old. 

    As each medication has some incidental effects thus with this medication. Barely any incidental effects that can be looked at by patients like migraine, raspiness of voice, expanded pulse , Joint torment, muscle torment, respiratory parcel disease, sickness, regurgitating and parasitic contamination in mouth. 


    COPD :- This medication additionally assists with forestalling and treats manifestations like chest snugness, wheezing and so on related to COPD.

    Asthma :- This medication works in treatment of asthma . It helps in treatment and avoidance of asthma side effects including windedness, hacking and breathing challenges and so forth. 


    This medication ought to be taken under a specialist's watch. Your health experts will recommend portions and doses. These inhalers must be utilized for oral inward breath. 


    This is a mix drug: Formoterol and Fluticasone Propionate.
    Formoterol attempts to loosen up the air entry of muscles and extend the aviation routes. Fluticasone Propionate attempts to stop certain substance discharges which are liable for expanding and irritation in the aviation route of muscles. It is a steroid. 


    Normal incidental effects that can be seen in patients for some just, for example, 

    *Sore throat
    *Hoarseness of voice
    *Fungal contamination in mouth
    *Increased Heart Rate 

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